For shame

Friday, February 17, 2006
So much for the greatest generation.

I wish there was some way we could these little parasites off from one single dime of federal money.

The University of Washington declines to honour former student and WWII flying ace Col. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington. Among those who opposed:

Jill Edwards questioned whether it was appropriate to honor a person who killed other people.

Over in Canada, plans proceed to honour draft dodgers with a creepy hippie statue:

The proposal calls for a sculpture of two Americans, a male and a female, crossing an imaginary border where a Canadian figure is waiting to welcome them.

As Clear and Present Danger reports: “They’re so liberal they even felt they had to create a female draft dodger.”

via Tim Blair

You can read a synopsis on Col. Boyington's exploits here.


The Lt. Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington Memorial Scholarship Fund. scholarships . This is a scholarship fund for Marines or the children of Marines.


truepeers said...

After chasing links, here is the root of the draft dodger story

I would only add that when the statue was originally proposed, a lot of people in Nelson, BC opposed it, and not simply because it would be bad for the tourism business. A lot of people don't like dogers and Hippies (it's Nelson, after all), for reasons you can guess. And the new proposal seems to be similarly marginal. Curious how the left needs to monumentalize itself.

Buddy Larsen said...

Fox interviewed some of the anti-Boyington students. I came near wanting to join al Quaida.

Had to go look at the plane to regain my balance. Here's a nice article--good pix--on Boyington's aircraft, the Chance-Vought F4U Corsair.

David Thomson said...

This scandal is further evidence of the split between the red and blue state mentality. These leftist students (with likely prompting of some of their left-wing teachers) are not merely filthing on an American war hero, Pappy Boyington. They are literally denying the right of the United States to militarily defend its citizens! Killing our enemies is never justified; pacifism is our only real viable option. What is their attitude regarding our current fight to the death against Islamic nihilism? Obviously, we are suppose to lay down our arms and be nice to the terrorists. Our struggle will soon be over if we offer love and understanding to Osama bin Ladin and his allies.

Shouldn’t we treat this incident as merely an exception to the general rule? No, that would be most unwise. These student activists are unofficially speaking for the “mainstream” of those Democrats who possess the veto over that party’s selection of its presidential candidate---and also a number of its senatorial and congressional candidates.

Peter UK said...

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A design for a memorial on the American side of the border.

Peter UK said...

Inscribed with the words of Churchill.

"But, you will say, look at what has been done in the war. Have not many of those evils which you have depicted been the constant companions of our daily life? It is quite true that the horrors of war do not end with the fighting-line. They spread far away to the base and the homeland, and everywhere people give up their rights and liberties for the common cause. But this is because the life of their country is in mortal peril, or for the sake of the cause of freedom in some other land. They give them freely as a sacrifice. It is quite true that the conditions of Socialism play a great part in war-time. We all submit to being ordered about to save our country. But when the war is over and the imminent danger to our existence is removed, we cast off these shackles and burdens which we imposed upon ourselves in times of dire and mortal peril, and quit the gloomy caverns of war and march out into the breezy fields, where the sun is shining and where all may walk joyfully in its warm and golden rays."

Via Samizdata

Buddy Larsen said...

One wonders why it was that someone like Churchill could understand what was happening in the 30s, and yet others seeing the same facts could not.

Peter UK said...

The same thing that blinded them then,is blinding them now,dogma.They are living within a set of rules which have no application to the real world.

One extreme example,the refusal to kill another human being,whatever the threat to ones own personal safety,leaves only three options,none of which are ever ennunciated clearly.
One can die, surrender or run,and perhaps any combination of these.
It is the continuation of the old "Better Red than Dead" fallacy,one can be both.
Threse young people have grown up in a super-safe world,mummy drove them to school,dad picked them up at four in the morning on their jaunts.They live in a world where everything can be mediated by discussion,where there are no real penalties for getting it wrong.
These prime examples of the consumer society,never see the realities of what they consume,the factories ,the slaughterhouses,the young people their own age who man guard the city walls.
Lastly,the judge everyone by themselves.

Buddy Larsen said...

That's pretty much how the cow ate the corn corn, Peter.

Implicit in your analysis is that these kids haven't bothered to remedy their ignorance (as a remedy for being stuck in time and space, we have developed reading and writing) because they do not believe that their ignorance exists.

Another unintended consequence of the self-esteem movement.

Old Biblical wisdom that "the wages of sin is death" might well also mean that deliberately avoiding the knowledge that something is trying to kill you, is a sin.

In which case, to live large and smug inside some high-minded fantasy world would be a sin, and not if but when innocent blood flows as a result, then the sin is abominable.

Buddy Larsen said...

Not to mention the fact that you know and I know that if Lt Col Boyington was still with us, these little saints-on-the-cheap wouldn't dare smear his name. It's the 'safe principle' doctrine.

Peter UK said...

It's easy for you and me Buddy,we have the beards,all we have to do is point these people out to our brethren and sell them the stones.
It isn't us they hate.

Specter said...

It is just more of how the left is controlling academia.

But it was funny - the other day there was a person trashing our current soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan (not sure if it was here or another blog). The person commented that the kids of "rich a$$ republicans" don't go to war and their parents just stay home and track their bank accounts. The funny thing was when someone asked them why the soldiers that do volunteer end up voting overwhelmingly Republican. The original poster couldn't, or wouldn't answer that. I guess there is some hope for the next generations....

Buddy Larsen said...

It's another of the left's 'tells' that since it's all about jealousy and envy in their minds, it must be the same in everybody elses's mind, too. We already have a massively progressive income tax, what else can we do, and still keep opportunity alive?

Buddy Larsen said...

Daniel Henninger in WSJ:

"...collaborating with a willing media to market the opposition party as a haunted house is a cynical, wholly reductionist strategy, with nothing in it for the public good. It dumbs down our politics. As shown with Social Security reform, the system ceases to function. A major U.S. foreign-policy initiative like the Bush Doctrine has to be delegitimized with no serious opposition support at any level. This is the strategy of the phalanx, not politics. If it works, the other side will surely run the same tar-and-pitch strategy against a new Clinton presidency. It deserves to fail."

Buddy Larsen said...

Should've mentioned that the purpose of the essay is to answer the question of why the Dems seem to keep taking the bait and shooting themselves in the foot, with one baseless accusation after another. DH says (and I agree) it's part of a coherent strategy. He doesn't use the words, but it is the strategy of "Rule or Ruin". And they mean it, too.

Peter UK said...

It's a war of attrition like WWI,they will keep sending them over the top,without regard to casualties,because the other side is also taking casualties whilst fighting on another front.The Democrats have figured that between themselves and the Jihad they can wear the administration down.

Buddy Larsen said...

Henninger's thesis is that the target is the "swing voter".

The Dems and their MSM have nothing to offer, so they are trying to make that into something worth voting for. How would one go about doing this? By going over-the-top on every single thing the administration is remotely connected with.

As Henninger says, the fate of the nation, or the world, is simply not one of their concerns.

They're saying, either we put them back in control, or they will do their best to burn the place down.

Buddy Larsen said...

It's the 'extortionist strategy'.

Buddy Larsen said...

Peter, if you guys would just take Massachusetts back, it would help immensely.

Peter UK said...

"They're saying, either we put them back in control, or they will do their best to burn the place down."

Sounds like someone else we know.
Massachesetts,isn't that the home of Mullah al Queneddi

Buddy Larsen said...

..and "Dooyoo Knowhoo Iyam" Mustafa Ben Amistake Kaherri.

Peter UK said...

Ah !No wonder the the mongols are "Seared,Seared into his mind".

Buddy Larsen said...

Wasn't it Cambodian CIA agents that were so seared seared?

But it could well have been Mongols, too.

Heck, it could even have been Jenjis Khan (the Jewish Mongol), had he gone a little further up the headwaters of the River of Time, that fantastic starlit Christmas Eve.

Peter UK said...

Yes Buddy,there was this little Mongolian Bagel shop just across the border,the special forces used to do deliveries every Sunday morning on their way back from Saturday night Ops.
A wonderful aroma,fresh bagels and cordite.

Buddy Larsen said...

Ah yes, Jenjis Khan's little bagel shoppe, with the little hand-lettered sign in the window,

"no shoes, no shirt, no service, plus we personally rape, cut off ears, cut off heads, tape wires from portable telephones to human genitals, cut off limbs, blow up bodies, randomly shoot civilians, raze villages in the fashion reminiscent of me, shopkeeper Jenjis Khan, shoot cattle and dogs for fun, poison food stocks, and generally ravage the country side. Also, everyday special price, half-off on day-old bagels."

Peter UK said...

Nah Buddy,that was only when the Fleet was in, the rest of the time Jenji's was a respectable joint.Well, the odd fragging the waiters,but that was just high spirits.

Buddy Larsen said...

Oy, and then Mustafa Ben Amistake al Sheikdown left with the fleet, and sailed back cross the Bounding Main to grace central America with his Less Majestique:

"As Kerry was reassuring his colleagues that Ortega wouldn't establish Soviet and Cuban bases in Nicaragua, Ortega (a few days after he met with Kerry) was flying to Moscow to arrange a $200 million transfer of Soviet monies to Nicaragua. Kerry's sales pitch for the Sandinistas -- "I see an enormous haughtiness in the United States trying to tell them what to do. Our economic squeeze on them is very sad. The whole population is suffering" -- worked in Congress. It voted against aid to the Contras, even as Ortega was collecting aid from his Soviet bosses."

Peter UK said...

You must mean Jenji's cousins Mongo Cafe Bar,made the best Aroz De Leche in Central American.
Had to be careful not to leave your mule outside,a delicacy in Mongol cuisine.

Buddy Larsen said...

Oh, eating donkeys is a popular pastime in many rough places around the globe.

markg8 said...
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Buddy Larsen said...

Lt Col Boyington's memorial was voted down by 45 members of the student council--not just the several quoted saying things like 'no need for another monument to rich white men' (Boyington BTW was a Sioux Indian and born poor, and stayed that way), and things like 'Marines are not what this university should be honoring' (Boyington was an American Volunteer Group "Flying Tiger" fighting in China before USA entered the war, fought thru the dark days when victory was up for grabs, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, recorded 28 enemy aircraft destroyed, was shot down in air combat, and spent nearly two years in an enemy POW camp).

Fine, don't honor a Marine, don't honor a WWII hero or a Sioux warrior, but could ya maybe, maybe, honor one of your Engineering graduates who actually made real-life sacrifices, during a national crisis, in support of your own campus freedom of speech?