What is with the attitude?

Saturday, February 18, 2006
I realize that different people have different opinions. I even think it is possible for very good and decent people to completely disagree on an issue, but when it comes to the war in Iraq, when it comes to removing a brutal dictator from power, it seems the anti war people have no desire for open debate.

I do not know if you all have been following the saga on Powerline involving the Progress for America ads featuring Iraqi War veterans and some of their family members coming out in support of their mission in Iraq; but it is a real eye opener as far as the lengths anti war types are willing to go to attack that mission. I have to say up front that I have not seen the ads.

It seems the anti war folks will even attack the veterans themselves. Among the culprits, members of the Minnesota Democratic Party leadership and reporter Nick Coleman for the Star Tribune. The following is a letter from a soldier to Mr. Coleman:

Dear Mr. Coleman:

I'm an active duty Army Officer who recently returned from Iraq and must respond to your columns attacking Iraqi War Veterans and Gold Star Parents. I'm troubled that you have been both dishonest and blatantly partisan. Let's start with last Sunday's column.

While attacking the honesty of Iraqi service veterans you "conveniently" failed to mention the truth about your major "nonpartisan" source, Paul Rieckhoff, of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). Rieckhoff was a delegate to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, a state Chairman for Veterans for Kerry and in 2003 delivered the Democratic Party Saturday counter radio response for one of President Bush's radio addresses. You also mislabeled ex-Governor Jesse Ventura, an IAVA board advisor, as a "nonpartisan." Who do think you're kidding?

No, the war is not going "swimmingly," but most service members who have recently been in Iraq will tell you we are winning. I'm not sure what poll Mr. Rieckhoff was quoting in your column but the Military Times 2005 Iraq Poll of our service members (released January 2006) has some interesting results. The Poll found that 73% of the respondents believe it's likely the United States will succeed in Iraq. Four of every five respondents said they believe media reports often are "inaccurate." However you seem to feel the First Amendment freedom of speech does not apply to the very service people who fight for that freedom unless they support your agenda.

What angers me the most is how in your Friday column you turned really nasty with attacks on the Gold Star families in the second ad.
In your world stepparents -- some who actually raised the fallen service member -- have even less right to speak their minds than veterans. By implying that a fallen soldier's stepmother was not his "mom" is viciously ignorant and hateful on your part. Perhaps you should also stop using the radical Daily Kos for your material or
identify them as your source.

Let's debunk your "Big Lie" while we are at it, that we went to war only because of WMD's. The Congressional authorization to use force in Iraq was a bipartisan vote of 77 Senators and 296 US House members listing 16 reasons they were approving military action. WMD's were only one of those 16. Many nations believed the same intelligence we did.

The bottom line is most of us in the military know what is at stake in the War on Terror and believe radical liberals like you can't be trusted with our National Defense. We in the military are proud to protect the rights guaranteed Americans by our Constitution, but both sides of the war argument share those rights. It is unfortunate that you feel that veterans and Gold Star parents have no right to voice their opinion unless it is against the War. This is the real disservice to our troops and our fallen heroes. Shame on you Mr. Coleman, you appear to be a very hateful person!


Joe Repya
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army
101ST Airborne Division (Air Assault)
Fort Campbell, KY

A veteran of Vietnam, the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom

Col. Repya's letter refers to Coleman's attack on the second Progress for America ad for presenting M.J. Kesterson in a context that would cause viewers to conclude she was Erik Kesterson's mother when she was in fact his stepmother. via Powerline.

Mrs. Kesterson is the stepmother of a soldier. It seems there was some discussion as to whether or not she really counts. Blood is thicker than water doncha know. What nasty little people. For years I have been listening to self righteous sanctimonious people like this whine that the US deals with dictators, we do not do enough to liberate the oppressed etc. We do just that and remove one of the most brutal dictators of our times from power and they go over the deep end.

Why? I think it is because their great claim to fame is Rhwanda and million dead people. Someone needed them and they failed to come to the rescue. They failed.

The right wingers stole their thunder in the power to the people arena. Their own back yard. Well, they had their chance...eight years of Clinton and not only did they fail, they opened the door to 9/11. That is where the attitude comes from. They know they are full of it and they can not stand it.

And as if on cue the Islamic world ignites, not because of Iraq but because of cartoons. Why it is as if some of those people were fanatics who could not be reasoned with. They not only do not want to see democracy in the Middle East, they do not want to see it in Denmark.

The only hope is the Bush Doctrine, it may not work...but at least it acknowledges that there is an enemy and it is not us.


Buddy Larsen said...

I think these people are under the mistaken impression that all this horrible behavior will be easily forgiven and forgotten as soon as they decide to quit it. Not so. maybe in their bizarro-world, this is all 'just politics', but people who live their values (rather than 'take positions on issues') don't see it the same way.

For example, the current screaming over the administration's 'distance from the press' has a kernel of truth--and it's the press's own damn fault, after the way it has treated these people, these decent and honorable American public servants, it's no damn wonder the administration is standoffish insofar as the bonhomie function.

Who wouldn't be? Actions have consequences in Nature. Why keep trying to force Nature where it won't go?

Peter UK said...

The thing that the Roman senate feared most was the victorious Legions returning home,and they had the Praetorian Guard,the Democrats don't

terrye said...


Good point.

The Democrats have Cindy Sheehan and Nancy Pelosi. Truman must be spinning in his grave.

buddy, the press seems to think that freedom of the press means suck up to the press. Not at all. It is only a courtesy on the part of the WH that they even get a briefing.

Rick Ballard said...


It's difficult to counsel moderation any longer. It might even be better to applaud Colman and his ilk for defining themselves so clearly. Spirit among the 13%ers appears to be flagging. Donations to the DNC were off 33% in January (from December) and Colman type antics will continue to drive moderate Dems into the Independent ranks.

"Right" and "wrong" have no meaning whatsoever to the 13%ers, so disparagement has no effect whatsoever. Minnesota has an open Senate seat this year and although the Dems have annointed Klobuchar as their candidate she's going to have a very tough time against Mark Kennedy. This type of crap from Colman is not what Klobuchar might regard as helpful. The Minnesota bloggers should go after her for her opinion on the matter.

Peter UK said...

He whose name may never be invoked is trying to force young Republicans to join the military,the future Roves and Cheyneys.
Just imagine all those trained killers,battle hardened,crazed by the sun ,the drugs and the violence, back on US soil,all with the minds of a Rove and the inability to discern a Democrat from a Jihadi.

Buddy Larsen said...

yep, it won't take very many Joe Repya types in the university classrooms, to mess up the dead but still thrashing ancien regime zombie minuet.

Buddy Larsen said...

peter, right--the army traditionally never crossed the Rubicon river, just north of Rome, for that very reason. Caesar's was the first army to cross the Rubicon. He was also hilarious with Imogene Coca.

Specter said...

And since the larger portion by far of troops end up voting Republican, now you start to see why the dems wanted to exclude their votes in the national elections.

Peter UK said...

Yes he was a real prankster Julius,one fine for an overdue book and he burned down the Library at Alexandria.

Buddy Larsen said...

Vini, vidi, vici:
"I checked out a book, I got overdue, I torched the liberry"

chuck said...

...crazed by the sun

Where the *heck* are the pith helmets, anyway? After all the attention unarmored Hummers got I would think someone would raise a stink about leaving American brains vulnerable to the deadly desert sun. And how come the American troops don't wear short pants like the Brits?

Buddy Larsen said...

I think it was those photos of General Montgomery's knees.

(oh, *that's* gonna p'o somebody!)

Buddy Larsen said...

Speaking of dressing for the theater, R Lee Ermey's long show last night--History Channel--where he goes back to Vietnam and retraces his steps, with running commentary from the R. Lee point-of-view, was one of TV's finer moments.

Seneca the Younger said...

Caesar's was the first army to cross the Rubicon. He was also hilarious with Imogene Coca.

There aren't many left who're gonna get that joke, Buddy.

Buddy Larsen said...

Red Skelton, Milton Berle, Jack Benny, jeez--there was a millyun of 'em....

markg8 said...
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Peter UK said...

Chuck,Looks like someone has been taking the pith.

terrye said...

Hey, thanks for cleaning up the thread.

I think that people fail to realize that if they want to be heard, they need to let others be heard. In other words, let them run the ads. By attacking the ads the anti war people just end up looking like those dopes in the ME rioting over a bunch of cartoons.

Seneca the Younger said...

Well, as I've said privately, once we decided to start deleting Mark, I wasn't comfortable with deleting him based on content. So now I toast him without even reading the posts.

markg8 said...
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terrye said...


Do not think for one minute that you will be allowed to attack a man like Repya in one of my own threads. If you want to accuse him of something, go do it to his face you hateful little coward but stay off my thread.

terrye said...


That one was mine. Now what do I with the goooo all over my shoe?

terrye said...

The intolerant should not be tolerated. Those who do not respect the views of others should not have their own views respected.

markg8 said...
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Peter UK said...

Any time you want a job with the "Men in Black"