Popular Mechanics and Katrina

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
I'm not generally a Popular Mechanics reader unless I'm cooling my heels and it is in the magazine rack. So I don't have any feel for what, if any, political leanings they have (they always seem pretty straight down the line about whatever they are reporting on to me).

Anyway, (ht: Instapundit) they are having a look at the congressional report about Katrina and finding it less than sterling. Congressional Report On Katrina: First Look.

Read it for yourself but the criticisms seem valid enough. The question is, of course, why can't a congressional committee with the resources of the US federal government, do a report that survives scrutiny by Popular Mechanics. So far the most informative MSM reports I've seen about Katrina have been in Motor Trend and Popular Mechanics.


terrye said...


Did you see the Popular Mechanics story on 9/11 debunking conspiracy theories? It was good and not real long.

Yes, those pompous politicos have been slapping Chertoff around for a couple of days and the press is doing the usual.

Shep Smith even said that if FEMA had done its job it could have saved the lives of thousands of people. Interesting since thousands did not die.

In truth evacuation of the city before hand was the only real hope.

jd watson said...

For those interested, Paul at Wizbang is planning on doing a report on the status of New Orleans 6 months after Katrina (i.e., around March 1st).

terrye: The PM article states that a mass evacuation would not even be considered until just 24 hours before an event due to uncertainty in forecasts, therefore a mass evacuation is not a realistic option.

Eric Blair said...

I think that PM comes up with some of this stuff because, like, they have real engineers on their staff, instead of whatever political hacks coughed up that Congressional report.

That report is just an excuse for more pork barrel spending.

RogerA said...

I will be posting the comments of the District Engineer about events during the 1970s--the summary is the corps wanted to put the huge "dutch-style" gates to avoiding increasing levee height (soil there is terrible apparently)--a coalition of environmentalists and politicians opted for increasing levees. (one thinks that money going to levee boards may have been behind their politicians thinking).