Whose ineptitude?

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
I have noticed that whenever certain folks began to realize that maybe they went off the deep end concerning some nefarious act on the part of George Bush, they always explain it away with some remark about Bush administration ineptitude. Bad PR.

There might be some truth to that from time to time, however, I think that often as not it is not Bush's ineptitude that is at the heart of the confusion.

It seems that now many pundits on the right have begun to rethink the Dubai deal and it has dawned on them that the whole knee jerk Facts, I don't need no Stinkin facts raving about the issue is beginning to seem a tad overdone. Who do they blame? Well Bush of course. He should have seen this coming and done a better job of preparing them. Maybe it was all the Thank You notes they were getting from Hillary Clinton that made them pause to wonder.

Well this Dubai deal was no big secret, the pertinent facts were there for anyone who cared to find them and yet it seems the media and the pundits on both the left and right must be lead and directed like small children toward the facts. Like the fact that the UAE are in fact allies and Dubai Ports is in fact a world class company with an excellent reputation and the initial reports of port takeovers and security threats were based mostly on knee jerk prejudice and just plain ignorance.

When Cheney had the shooting accident {doesn't that seem ages ago?}, the initial reaction was once again, unbridled hysteria and paranoia. And of course pundits and bloggers complaining that the Bushies should have anticipated the reaction.

When Katrina was bearing down on the Gulf Coast I do not remember any serious reporting on disaster preparedness in cities like New Orleans before landfall. No, they did not download the New Orleans evacuation plan and then go about [like real reporters] reporting whether or not the city officials were doing their job. Instead they treated the whole thing like a Hollywood disaster film complete with melodramatic performances in front of the camera. When it was over and it turned out maybe there had been some hysteria and down right pathetic coverage...the response was to criticize the Bush administration's poor PR skills, once again they should have known how people would react. I think the Bush administration should have invaded LA before Katrina made landfall, but then again imagine how folks would have reacted.

I have no idea if some terrorist is going to sneak wmd in through our ports or over the border, or if they are already here. The only thing I am sure of is that if something bad happens, or even something certain folks deem unexpected or suspicious occurs the reaction will be over the top.

And when the Bush administration fails to fully anticipate the event or hissy fit or pseudo scandal they will be accused of ineptitude. Because after all if Bush was on his toes he would just know how people were going to react and he would fix things.

After all people are not responsible for their actions or reactions, the Bushies are.

When Bush is back at his ranch who will get the blame?


Knucklehead said...

Short of embedding these Presse Ancienne idiots in every GS-6 and above so they can actually witness with their own stupid, lazy eyes what the heck goes on in running the largest freakin' democratic government in the freakin' world, there's nothing the administration can do.

We can all anticipate that they press will behave like spoiled children. Other than pre-emptively tossing them into the time-out chair what's to be done about it.

If they held these idiots hands and walked them through every danged thing, one tiny baby-step at a time so it was done slowly enough for them to follow, they'd be screaming about how they were being manipulated and treated like children.

It is the MSM that is inept. They cannot accept or admit that, of course.

David Thomson said...

Some people argue that the Bush administration should have micromanaged the process. This is utterly ridiculous. The people assigned to this project were more than capable of performing their duties. This proposed takeover of some shipping terminals by the Dubai firm is really no big deal. I have yet to hear of a possible terrorist threat that didn’t sound like something out of a James Bond movie or John LeCarre novel. Plausable scenerios do not seem to exist.

I also keep thinking how Senator Bill Frist really blew a golden opportunity. He would currently be a Republican hero had he steadfastly remained loyal to President Bush. Instead, he was among the first to complain about the Dubai Port agreement. The man is such a jerk.

terrye said...


Well maybe they did not micromanage it because once the Cinese [Cosco] got some contracts and companies with Saudi investors {National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia] got contracts and the Emirates were flying jets in and out every day and nobody slit their wrists, they were under the impression that this was just one more deal like a lot of other deals.

It seems they overestimated the loyalty of Republicans, the ethics of Democrats and the intelligence of both pundits and journalists where this was concerned.

Now whether it goes through or not the country has been made to look stupid.

Syl said...


You go girl!!!!!!

I loved every word!!

Melissa Nelson said...

When Bush is back at his ranch who will get the blame?

Bush, of course. The reaction will be: If Bush hadn't done X/failed to do X, this would never have happened.

Great post.

RogerA said...

God Terrye--the Holsteins get brutalized again--I hope you order bag balm by the gross dear.

When one really starts looking at our port situation--and thanks to Skook for injecting a heavy dose of reality into the whole discussion--Heres another thing that might just make you quiver--

Does the American public know that Saudia air (thats the the KSA airlines) flies several flights a week into DULLES? Bingo--right over the nation's capitol--can you imagine a crazed Islamist pilot taking that plane right into the capitol building?

Isnt it remarkable that no one has ever commented on that? the same people that can't distinguish between terminal and port operations?

Fortunately, our MSM has put all of this news into context to explain it to an eagerling awaiting American public who desparately wants facts--wait-whats that? they havent? Geez

As for Senator Frist--this frigging dufus cant control 55 Republicans and he wants to be president of the United States? I would rather have Doogie Hauser as my cardiologist than an idiot like Frist.

Rudy and Condi--Condi and Rudy--either way in 2008.

Luther McLeod said...

I will admit to not being entirely free of islam-phobia, and, quite honestly, I don't feel a lot of guilt about it. Nothing wrong with being logically wary is the way I see it. But I also remember reading about this deal some months ago and not thinking much about it. Just business.

For some, BDS overcomes all. Reason, logic, considered thought mean nothing when placed next to the need, nay, necessity to blame GWB for everything.

I apologize in advance if I offend, but after 28 years of marriage to an RN, I have to say in regards to B. Frist, well, he is a doctor after all.

And, besides, I can't miss an opportunity to second a Condi/whomever ticket in 08.

Seneca the Younger said...

I apologize in advance if I offend, but after 28 years of marriage to an RN, I have to say in regards to B. Frist, well, he is a doctor after all.

Doctor, hell, he's a surgeon.

Luther McLeod said...

Damn, I overlooked the nuances. Shame on me.

terrye said...

We all feel wary of Muslims, face it, we are like Pavlov's dog.

But then again there are a billion Muslims in the world and the only ones we tend to see are the people blowing things up and burning things down.

And the people who themselves get in the way of the people blowing things up. It seems to me that the present clash of civilizations has not been a picnic for them either.

Eric Blair said...

Excellent thoughts, Terrye. Good thinking there.

Seneca the Younger said...

You know, this stuck in my mind last night. I was watching Fox, and my remote control is busted so I stayed on one channel much more than usual (remember the days when you had to walk to the TV to change the channel?). Over and over, you'd hear a conservative pundit saying, essentially, that it wasn't their fault that they got sucked in by Schumer.

Comes down to it, mostly they still think Bush ought to be the Good Daddy who knows everything.