Final Proof The World's Gone Mad

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oh good Lord, I didn't know what to make of this article when I ran across it in the Uk Edition of the Hindustan Times (don't even bother asking how I got there). It reports that the award-wining Indian director T Rajeevnath wants to cast Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa in an upcoming film he is making.

Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa?

No that can't be right. Surely the reason given in the article, that the director was impressed by her because she wouldn't pose nude for Playboy, was a dead give away that this was some sort of a satire piece and I was just missing the Indian humor of it.

Time to Google on "Mother Teresa" and "Paris Hilton" and restore my rapidly dwindling faith in the sanity of the human race. Oh, the horror of the results page of that query!


David Thomson said...

Who needs Truth is often stranger than fiction. Paris Hilton’s video sales on the Internet will dramatically increase. Wow, what a marketing strategy!

terrye said...

This has to be a joke.

Peter UK said...

That Mother Teresa is some babe!

David Thomson said...

I can see it now:

"Hi, I am sister Paris Hilton and I'm here to take care of the needs of the men."

flenser said...

Show of hands here; how many think Paris Hilton is attractive?

I've always thought she was a skank.

chuck said...

I've always thought she was a skank.

Me too, but that picture isn't bad. Bit skinny for me, though. 'Course, bit young and ditzy also come to mind.