Strange Bedfellows

Friday, February 24, 2006
Or maybe I am just too unfamiliar with William J. Bennett and Alan Dershowitz and the bedfellows aren't as strange as it seems to me. In any case, they've teamed up to write A Failure of the Press for WaPo (ht: Jim Miller on Politics).

They have joined to give the Presse Ancienne a stern talking to about the Danish Cartoon fiasco but as we all know their is no end of "issues" about which the press has failed the public which gives them special status under our constitution.

This unlikely duo is rightly peeved with the press for hiding under their beds wrt to the Danish Cartoons fiasco but that is not the only symptom we see of their cowardice. As Bennett and Dershowitz tell us:

Stories and celebrations of intrepid and courageous reporters are many within the press corps.

Courageousness, even professionalism, are rapidly becoming self-delusional myths among the press corps. They attack only what it is safe to attack and do so regardless of consequences - regardless of need. Attack, attack, attack. Always attack. They see themselves as so many Pattons bestriding the battlefield but they never leave the safety of their little playground. They are children playing with sticks and rat-a-tat-tatting at long abandoned bunkers from long ended wars.


Peter UK said...

But the cartoonists are on the march

stickman said...

The press exhibits worse qualities than cowardliness. What could be more disingenuous than to claim objectivity while the deliberate goal of every syllable and every paragraph is to persuade the reader toward a certain worldview?

terrye said...

Tis true.

When it comes to Arab shipping companies, Bush and the American military the press is really big and bad...but people who might really hurt them? Nope, they either kiss their ass, ignore them or condescend to them. They do not take a stand. They might not look "objective" if they did that.