Chickens coming home to roost

Friday, September 22, 2006
The Anchoress has some interesting thoughts on things that go around coming around:

But maybe some on the left finally understand that while they’ve been having fun and laughing while calling President Bush every manner of ugly name and insult, dangerous people have been watching. And they have made a calculation: We can disrespect Bush and America will laugh with us. Bush is weak. America is once again the appeasing “weak horse” it was throughout the 1990’s and even before…when we could attack anything and be accountable to no one.

I’m sure Hugo, once he left the guffawing chamber of hyenas at the UN, was shocked to discover that most Americans were not laughing, that even some Democrats were not.

And I’m sure some Democrats were shocked to see just how ugly their words sounded, when coming out of the mouth of someone else, someone with “no right,” to spew hate for political expediency.

There are some on the left who are suggesting that Hugo Chavez’s remarks are simply an indicator that the world “disrespects” President Bush…well…I wonder who gave them the idea that they could? Was it John Kerry calling him a “fucking liar,” and not having to answer for that rudeness to anyone while the press shrugged it off? Good heavens, Bush calls terrorism “evil” and he was mocked and criticized for using that word, but the press never had a problem with “fucking liar, fucking crooks and thieves” or with adolescent musings about the president’s name and female genitalia. It was alllllll soooooo funnnnneeeeeee, newsreaders could hardly deliver the spite without grinning, themselves.

Let me tell you, I didn’t see “disrespect” at the UN while President Bush was speaking…while he was speaking he was accorded that dubious body’s full and complete attention, and like it or not, nothing he said was disregarded, because the world knows he means what he says. They may not like him, but they respect him. And if they don’t respect him, they fear him just enough to pretend. Which frankly I prefer to a president they all “love” but don’t respect or fear, one who plays games.

read it all.

George Bush will leave office in a couple of years, maybe it is beginning to dawn on some people that the damage they are doing to the President might rub off on them in particular and the American people in general.


David Thomson said...

Was it John Kerry calling him a “fucking liar,”

I forgot all about this incident. It is a reminder of how viciously unfair the MSM is. We would have never heard the end of it if a Republican leader had dared utter similar vulgar sentiments concerning Bill Clinton.

nomdeblog said...

Maybe even the Dhimmicrats “get it”. They seem to have noticed their base has taken a dhim view of the slandering of their President, even if their President is not a fellow appeasing utopian.

Knucklehead said...

Ummm... Chavez was playing to the same "base" that Soros and all the other transies and garden-variety useful idiots play to.

The past couple days have demonstrated quite adequately that there both people and people's representatives in the various levels of US government who are willing, quite openly, to get behind the likes of Hugo Chavez and even Ahmanutjob.

I heard one elected official (certainly local) from wherever it was Chavez went, apparently with Jesse Jackson in fawning tow, insisting that Chavez is not only correct in ranting but also a great international humanitarian.

Just this AM, just going through my daily routine, I had no problem seeing automobiles plastered with what are nothing more than minor variations of the same themes Chavez hit upon.

There is a large contingent of US citizens who agree wholeheartedly with Chavez and Ahmanutjob. There is a larger contingent of Americans who think it is all theater, nothing more than entertainment of a sort. These people do not believe anyone means what they say or says what they mean. If one laughs at or ignores a threat it is no threat, think they.

As with all significant problems this will get worse before it gets better. I could be in one of my pessimistic funks but I am coming to closer to believing my fear that the people of the "west" will not fight (in any sustained way) for their safety and welfare until the reaper is hacking at their own doors.

Barry Dauphin said...

The fact that Rangell & Pelosi are being given such big "play" for this seems more a symptom of a problem rather than a cure for it. The official statement out of Rangell's office is not only watered down criticism, it basically says how wonderful Hugo is otherwise. This is pure and simple politics by Democrats who are getting worried about November. Nothing has really "dawned" on them IMHO.

I'm sure the usual media suspects will go on TV this weekend, saying how this illustrates that the Dems want to be bipartisan and how heroic they were for defending Bush when they disagree with him and how this proves how high minded they are, yadda yadda yadda. I think this is simply image driven and not belief driven. They say the same things about Bush and worse.

The fact that this is news is more telling than the statements themselves. It indicates how the Dems have not genuinely stepped up to the plate on the most important issues of the day. They hid behind McCain's skirt on interrogation. Now that McCain & Co. have made a deal with the president, once again it illustrates that the most important action tends to happen within the Republican Party. McCain gets to remain a saint in the media for the most part and Bush projects security. The Dems on the sidelines, looking fairly pathetic. Now they'll try to chew on any bone they can find.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Barry and Knucklehead are absolutely right.

The problem is that people like Chavez, Ahmanutjob, etc. are no longer considered "real" by a large swath of our population. They're not real people. They're cartoon characters. Ha, ha, ha, aren't they funny! They're certainly not threatening. Seriously, a population that believe the oil companies can set the price at whatever they want is a population that will believe anything.

Chavez, Iran, and China are doing an excellent job of dividing and conquering us.

There's no question we'll have to take a few hits before we take this seriously.

What I'm wondering is: would a nuke in New York or DC mean a darn thing to the people of Seattle or San Francisco? I have my doubts.