spiked | Darfur: damned by pity

Thursday, September 21, 2006
spiked | Darfur: damned by pity: "There is no civil war so bad that it cannot be made worse by the intervention of Western liberals."


truepeers said...

Of course you can think of civil wars where western liberals have made the situation worse by leaving: China after 1945, Vietnam... Perhaps the lesson is that western liberals refuse to learn the hard lessons?

David Thomson said...

I cynically observe that many of the people who wish to prevent genocide in Darfur---are enraged that the Bush administration liberated Iraq. This doesn't make the slightest sense to me. The United States only has so many troops. We can fight against genocide throughout the world only if many other nations are willing to participate. Should we hold our breath until the French or Germans do so?

Fresh Air said...

I've been reading Spiked off and on (mostly off) for a couple of years now. I find their commentary on science much more enlightening than on politics.

It's all well and good to say don't intervene anywhere, but it seems a bit callous doesn't it? I mean, isn't this sort of the way New Yorkers used to act when they witnessed a mugging? By looking the other way while some poor bastard was beaten to a pulp? We know exactly how the thugs respond to this sort of behavior by bystanders. Nazi Germany, anyone?

There are good and evil forces out there. And while I'm willing to assume most garden-variety wars in Latin America and Africa have evildoers on both sides, the attempted extermination of a group of people, aka genocide, is not something we should be indifferent to.

Indeed, far from the term being lavished about on actors in minor, far-flung wars, it has hardly been used by the only avatar the Left really cares about: the UN.

It was the UN's serial failure in Rwanda and Bill Clinton's cowardly failure to use the G-word and thus shame the entire body into action that that country was allowed to become just a disastrous killing field--one that makes Iraq look like an ice cream social.

I'll grant you that most of the Euro liberals are a disaster on military interventions, but at least one liberal in England has his head screwed on straight. I'm not sure any of the Tories--the American conservatives' natural allies--do.

Knucklehead said...


The left would be fine with sending US troops most anywhere, in most any numbers, to kick whatever butt they thought needed kicking, with the expressed purpose of ending murder and injustice, provided Kofi was the CIC and the NGOs and sex rings were allowed to move around and profit.

It is not really military action and the use of force they oppose. It is merel US military action and use of force. All would quickly be made right in the world if the US would just shut up and be the military muscle behind the international kleptocracy.

They see us as Luca Brasi and are infuriated that we don't do the family bidding sandwiched between proper genuflection.