What insomnia got me!

Friday, September 15, 2006
Well as of Friday, September 15, 2006 at 4:34 EDT:

Tradesports has the odds of the GOP retaining the House at 52.5

And Rasmussen has Bush's job approval up to 47%.

But Pod (and Ramesh) at the corner don't seem to happy:

Hillary's candidacy would be strengthened, I think, if the Republicans retain power in the House and Senate in November. A loss of the House and Senate and the attendant attacks that will surely be staged on the Bush administration, its judges, etc., might well fire up the GOP base and get it primed for the next showdown. Ramesh suggests as much today in the Times. But if the Bush years continue to be an example of single-party domination in Washington, by 2008 the sense of policy exhaustion and the need for new faces may seem overwhelming not only to Democrats but to an insuperable majority of independents. Under those conditions, maybe even Hillary can seem like a fresh face.

I don't think it's the policies or the faces of the GOP that are tiresome, it's the whining and attacks from the Democrats that are exhausting. There will be more than enough of that sniveling even if the GOP maintains majority in both houses.

And, um, how on earth can Pod even consider Hillary will be thought of as a fresh face. That's utterly bizarre.

Hillary is an old face. Hillary is the '90's. And though many still have nostalgia for pre 9/11 days, they know we can't go back.

So Pod (and Ramesh) please save your 'brilliance' for after the election. Thank you.


terrye said...


I agree about Hillary, however, I think she may have done something to that old face recently.

I also think there is enough debate within the Republican party itself that people don't always feel like one party is dominating everything.

Barry Dauphin said...

It sounds like JPod and amd Ramesh (who by the way I have seen on PBS basically carry water for Mark Shields) are being too clever by half. Generally, given a choice between winning and losing, winning is better. This winning by losing is a very social conservatives'-like agenda.

Fresh Air said...

I've given up on The Corner. Too many of these sniping remarks and vitriol. It began with Harriet Miers. When the whole Dubai World thing came down I gave up.

I also think these guys "coccoon" a bit too much as well. Not enough conservatives to talk to in New York, I guess.