Sunday, September 24, 2006

Reading Meaningless Hot Air's post on Selts and Basque made me think of the Tarim Mummies. Who were they, and how did they end up in China thousands of years ago?


CF said...

I think there is growing evidence that early man traveled far more widely than we earlier thought. Evidence in the Americas and Asia are showing more migration 10-12k years ago than we imagined.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Good find, Terrye. I had heard about these guys but didn't know their names.

terrye said...


I have the book The Tarim Mummies by JP Mallory and Victor Mair. The pis are amazing, women with light colored hair, people buried in what looks like clothes from the Scottish Highlands. Even women with pointed hats and herb bags.

The Chinese did not make it easy to study these people because they did not want it widely known that there had been a history of another race and culture in the region.

The most famous would be the Beauty of Kroran.

chuck said...

Even women with pointed hats and herb bags.

I have wondered, and I am sure many others have also, if that has a connection to witches hats? Also, weren't women with pointed hats and herbs part of the Scythian culture? Did the book say anything about that?