Separated at Birth?

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sometimes I think I am better than this. Sometimes. Then temptation sashays through the door. Glen had the Carter picture up on his page and I had the niggling sensation that I had seen it before, that I knew that image from another time and another place. But when and where? Memories came back in a rush. Really, I didn't think Glen was that old.


Rick Ballard said...

What did Howdy Doody ever do to you? There wasn't a malicious splinter in Howdy's whole body - putting him up next to a creature who is nothing but malice is a grave slander.

Howdy must be spinning in his wood bin.

Fresh Air said...

The puppet is the one on the left.

Skookumchuk said...

While nautical superstition considers the renaming of a vessel to be unlucky, I think we should rename the nuclear submarine USS Jimmy Carter to the USS Howdy Doody. It would certainly be an improvement.

Knucklehead said...


That was my thought. With his strings pulled by every reprehensible dictator who cares to take the stage to make the dummy's mouth move.

terrye said...

Puppets always scared me. Now I know why.

Luther McLeod said...

Though I agree with Rick, perfect choice, Chuck. Was it Clarebell though?

SSN-23, the first submarine named after a living ex-president. What a time to break tradition and precedent.

Always dolls for me Terrye.