So much for that

Friday, September 15, 2006
Big Lizards notes a slight change in the temperature of the global climate debate:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the wizards who brought us the Kyoto Protocol) have now revised their estimates of upcoming global warming downwards: now they believe mean global temperature will only be 3º C warmer in 2100 than today, if we do absolutely nothing about it.

If we fully implement the Kyoto Protocol -- then we can drastically reduce that ghastly warming... by 1º C. Whew!

But what does that say about Western science and technology? That over the next 100 years, we will not even be able to cope with a scant rise of 2 or 3º C... and that mostly during winter nights in the coldest regions of the Earth!

The only explanation is that globalony lovers believe that science has come to a screeching halt, and there will be zero scientific or technological progress in the next century.

It's no wonder global-warming scaremongering comes mainly from the anti-technology Left.

Well how about that.


Barry Dauphin said...

There's still a lot to say and know about the global warming issue. But I found a recent news story a fascinating study in alarmism.

According to the story (I think it was on BBC on PBS) Siberia is warming, and---this is the punchline---apparently this is seen as a bad thing! Siberia has long been used by humanity to symbolize the place no one could ever really want to live because it is so gaddamned cold. The gulags were there for good reason. Well parts of Siberia are warming (due to the evils of us gus guzzling Americans) and some lakes are releasing methane and that will simply warm the earth more! Run for the hills (if they haven't already melted).

The only redeeming feature of this warming they could think of was that it is now easier to find dinosaur bones. That's it. The only advantage to a warmer Siberia is to make life easier for paleo-archiolgists. In the whole debate (even if man made Global warming is true, which I'm not buying as of yet or at least to the degree and reasons given most fo the time), it is curious that there are only catastrophes to global warming and no benefits. Wow.

Morgan said...

Don't forget, the last time climate (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) was significantly warmer than it is today (during the Holocene Optimum) much of the Sahara was a fertile grassland.

There are signs that rainfall is increasing in the Sahara

terrye said...


Iraq was not always a desert either. They called that area the fertile crescent for a reason.