Sunday, September 10, 2006
Democrats are crybabies. I just watched the Path to 9/11 and while it did not make the Clinton people look good, it was not that damn bad either. After years of listening Bush called Hitler and God only knows what else and having to listen to schmucks like Rockefeller whine about how much better off we would all be if Saddam was back in power...I thought this was pretty easy on Clinton.

Tomorrow night we will have the second part and Bush will be in office, so maybe they will have more fun with him. At least he won't beg and cry and threaten to sue people.


David Thomson said...

I thought Jay Rocekefeller was already a wealthy man. And yet, he must be taking money under the table from Karl Rove. What else explains his stupid comments?

Bill Clinton and his buddies should have merely shrugged their shoulders and feigned indifference. Focussing attention on this movie was a huge mistake. They essentially provided free publicity for ABC.

Skookumchuk said...


Feigning indifference would have been the smart move. But the impulse is always toward censorship and control.

Way back, when the internet was just getting its start, I clearly remember a TV interview with Hillary where she was bemoaning the fact that this newfangled internet had no editors, no gatekeepers. In retrospect, the dividing lines formed very quickly between those who thought that an uncontrolled internet was a bad idea and those who thought it was a great idea.

I recalled that interview during the recent uproar surrounding this.

Rick Ballard said...

Can Miz Clinton afford to feign indifference? As co-President doesn't the Bubba stink rub off on her a bit? I do believe the reaction to be stupid, overdone and actually damaging to the Democrat Party but entirely predictable wrt Mr and Miz Clinton. They don't give a damn about the party and never have - their sole focus is on perceived potential personal damage.

I like it. It brings back memories of watching Clinton liars defending the indefensible for eight years. What harm is there in that?

Syl said...

After it was over, I came online to find some threads about it. The funniest and most revealing was over in Kosland.

I mean, someone would mention 'Well, I've seen ten minutes of it so far, and it's just stupid' and someone else would type 'Turn it off! Don't Watch!' . 'But I want to see it so I can know what the lies are'. 'Turn it off. Now!'

But those who dared defy the group and watched it were incensed for two reasons (1)the believe Clinton never ever had the opportunity to get bin laden so this is a lie and (2)it's all propaganda for taking our civil liberties away!

Barry Dauphin said...

If tonight has any more of Khalid Sheik Mohammad, it would be nice to have a two question poll:
1) Did you see the Path to 9/11?
2) Do you approve of waterboarding Khalid Sheik Mohammad?

terrye said...


Didn't you just hate that bastard?

terrye said...


You are brave woman. I never go to Kosland, those folks scare me more than the terrorists.

ex-democrat said...

my favorite part was the hispanic-american immigration officer who decided to deport a putative terrorist because, as a LEGAL immigrant, he would be dammed if he was going to let someone into the country who so obviously hated the place.
i really, really hope that bit was true!