Clinton Doth Protest Too Much - Los Angeles Times

Thursday, September 28, 2006
Clinton Doth Protest Too Much - Los Angeles Times: "
THERE'S NO LIMIT to what a man can do,' President Reagan used to say, ' … if he doesn't care who gets the credit.'

Former President Clinton's motto seems to be a little different: 'There's no limit to how much credit a man can get, if he doesn't care what he's actually done.'"


Knucklehead said...

The LA Times put that up, heh. And just recently, if not yesterday, Noam Chomsky was telling the 9/11 conspiracy whackos that not only are they being dumb but that the US government was not evil enough to do such a thing.

If I look outside am I going to see pigs flying into frozen hell?

terrye said...

Well this is just becoming so obvious. Clitnon really needs to shut up. Can you imagine what it would be like Hillary won and we had bill as the First Husband or whatever. Perish the thought.

David Thomson said...

Bill might make a great first husband. Rarely would there ever be a boring moment in the White House.