Have people lost their minds?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
From Jonah Goldberg:

Haven’t you heard? The U.S. government blew up the World Trade Center. Oh, sorry, that’s not right. The planes did knock down those buildings, but the White House was in on it. Oh, no, sorry again, that’s not what happened. It was the Jews. They razed it without leaving any fingerprints — save for the 4,000 Zionist co-conspirators who were tipped off in advance — in order to frame the peace-loving Muslims of al-Qaida. (Those crafty Hebrews are always coming up with clever ways to make Islamic fanatics look bad, like getting blown up.) Bin Laden’s admission that he did it? Well, of course. He’s in on it.

Presumably, Bush’s demolition experts applied the same expertise to the levees in New Orleans. That’s another theory in wide circulation today thanks in no small part to Spike Lee, who gave it a fair airing in an HBO documentary.

The metaphysical, ontological stupidity of all this defies rational rebuttal. It would be like proving I didn’t have unicorn for dinner in late December of 1987.

Here’s a question: How is a president willing — and able! — to bring down the World Trade Center, murdering nearly 3,000 Americans without inspiring a single whistle-blower or attracting a solitary eyewitness, somehow morally or logistically incapable of planting some exculpatory WMDs in Iraq?


David Thomson said...

"I didn’t have unicorn for dinner in late December of 1987."

No, it was me---and the year was 1986. You need to get your facts straight. This is the twentieth anniversary. My buddies and I are right now deciding on how to share the wealth of the country. I also don't care if George W. Bush was once the governor of Texas. The state is mine. Karl Rove minimally owes me that much.

Fresh Air said...

I thought George Bush was a moron. Now I find out he's a genius of historic proportions. I wish these guys would make up their minds.

Knucklehead said...

Get it straight, FA - he's a MoronGeniusMasterPuppet.

Rick Ballard said...

He's a MoronGeniusMasterPuppet who is improving his polling on a daily basis due to his control of world energy stocks.

I can't believe watching his poll numbers go up as gas drops. Or rather, I can fully believe it and am sickened by the absolute self centeredness and ignorance of those who respond to pollsters on the basis of the cost of their last fill up. We really do have the government we deserve.

Skookumchuk said...


Yes. A "war for oil" should be a surefire political winner then...

Of course, none of this is new. When I was a kid, we had a guy down the block who once ranted to me about how Roosevelt allowed Pearl Harbor to happen just so that the resultant war could pull us out of the Depression.

When I was about fifteen or so, I had the misfortune of riding the bus next to a middle-aged guy, nattily dressed in a tweed jacket and hat with a fishing fly stuck in his hatband and - and - a hammer and sickle lapel pin.

These guys have always been around, probably in greater numbers than we realize. But today they are no longer restricted to the mimeograph machines in their garages and with the Net have larger audiences, potentially, anyway. So be it. A small price to pay for new technology.

Pastorius said...

Answer: He hid the evidence on Pluto, and then delisted it as a planet.

reliapundit said...

leftists and many muslims are especially prone to this irrational conspiratorial crap. their ideologies are based on un provable untestable preusppositions - these give them a diathesis for conspirticies.

their ideolgies are at their core irrational, and defy FALSIFIABILITY. hence their attraction to conspiracies.

core belief: bush = evil; jihiadism = third world revolt against colonialism/imperialism;

therefore 9/11 MUST BE like reichstag.

because accepting that bush is not evil and that jihad is not a anti-colonial movement, and that the usa is not imperialist is just too difficult for the left.

they refuse to admit that their ideology has utterly failed.\ in the real world.

so they invent bogeymen and wild consopriacy theories.

it's a defense formation.

Barry Dauphin said...

They like to be able to complain in an adolescent manner while having no resposibility for the decisions made and are not at risk of having their ideas implemented. It is a playground for fantasies of omnipotence. Conspiracies simplify the world. Frankly these nitwits can't handle the complexities of the world we live in and don't realize how terrified they are at the prospect that no one is "in charge" in they way they envision.

George Atkisson said...

It's just that having a comfy "conspiracy blanket" to hold on to, is much easier than believing that there are people out there who want to kill you. After all, if "they" did it, there is no Islamic threat to worry about and we can all go back to 9/10 and effortless progressive progress. Not to mention fluffy bunnies and rainbows for all. (Sarcasm off).

terrye said...

Yes, just like Saddam's world was kite flying children.