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Sunday, September 10, 2006

That will be me if this happens. I will just go find a cave and crawl in it. Investigations, impeachments. etc. Terrorism shmerroism they got bigger fish to fry.

While the Democrats have been playing down talk of radical shifts in governance should they gain control of the legislature, at least one report indicates they are privately planning a range of actions including: investigations of the Bush administration of a scale larger than Watergate; using the budget as a lever to dictate actual war strategy and leave Iraq; imposing a range of economic measures negatively impacting the Oil and Pharmaceutical industries; and the launching of a "boatload" of expensive social welfare programs while raising the minimum wage.

It appears some Democrats are more willing than others to talk about their plans, assuming they gain control of the House and or the Senate in the mid-term elections. Evidently, among other senior Dems, Rep.Henry Waxman has been talking to the Contra Costa Times.

Democrats will press to get out of Iraq. They'll mount investigations into the Bush administration's record that could rival those of Presidents Nixon in Watergate and Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky affair.

They'll push a boatload of social-welfare legislation, such as raising the minimum wage, that reflects their pent-up priorities, while blocking the Republican agenda on social issues such as gay marriage, abortion and religion.

Those are some of the top plans that Democrats would pursue if they won power, according to interviews with Democratic lawmakers, strategists, staff aides and lobbyists.

The tone and temper of the Democrats were reflected well by Rep. Henry Waxman of Los Angeles, the ranking Democrat on the House Government Reform Committee, in a conference call in late August. He'll become the panel's chairman if Democrats take the House.

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