CONSPIRACY CRANKS By JAMES B. MEIGS - New York Post Online Edition: Postopinion

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
CONSPIRACY CRANKS By JAMES B. MEIGS - New York Post Online Edition: Postopinion: "very 9/11 conspiracy theory we investigated was based on similarly shoddy evidence. Most of these falsehoods are easy to refute simply by checking the original source material or talking to experts in the relevant fields. And yet even the flimsiest claims are repeated constantly in conspiracy circles, passed from Web site to book to Web site in an endless daisy chain. And any witness, expert - or publication - that tries to set the record straight is immediately vilified as being part of the conspiracy."


terrye said...

It is like mass hysteria, they feed off each other.

Seneca the Younger said...

Yes, that's exactly what it's like, Terrye --- going back to witch trials. It's easier for some people to have a conspiracy to believe in.

David Thomson said...

I am fascinated by the advanced degrees behind the names of some of these idiots. They are often not Bubba who barely finished grade school and earns six dollars an hour flipping burgers. Also, this nonsense seems to be attracting new converts. I think that it’s safe to guess that a minimum of 20% of the American left wing population subscribes to the theory that the Bush administration is responsible for 9/11.

chuck said...

...going back to witch trials

I always thought it was more like the dancing mania of the middle ages. From wikipedia:

Dancing mania is the name given to a phenomenon that occurred mainly in mainland Europe from the 14th century through to the 17th century, in which groups of people would dance through the streets of towns or cities, sometimes foaming at the mouth or speaking in tongues, until they collapsed from exhaustion. The first major outbreak of the mania was in Aachen, Germany, in July 1374. The dancers went through the streets screaming of wild visions, and even continued to writhe and twist after they collapsed from exhaustion. The dancing quickly caught on, and spread rapidly throughout France and the Low Countries.

The mania reached its peak in 1418 in Strasbourg. At at least one point, so many people had either been afflicted with the dancing mania, or caught up in the dancing, or were trying to give assistance, or simply watching the events unfold, that the town was brought to a complete halt.

More here, with a putative connection to the Salem witch trials. Fifty years of progressive education and we have produced a large minority of nut cases who disavow the use of thought. But I really think something else is going on. It is the end times for a period of western thought characterized by industrialization, the end of Christian belief, utopian socialist visions, and vast ideological wars. Seems like too many folks may have invested their life in phantoms. How this will all end up I have no idea, but I think it is far from over.

terrye said...


I am not so sure it is the end of Christian belief, in fact I think there is a revival of sorts going on.

Dancing mania, how interesting. So you think it might have had something to do with the Plague?

Knucklehead said...


Not the plague. Allegedly if you store your rye improperly it'll grow some stuff that helps you take a trip and never leave the farm or, alternately, join the dance mania.

Knucklehead said...

BTW, the BDS sufferers who know it would be way too over the top to believe the detailed conspiracy theories settle on the simplest one they can: Bush knew it was going to happen but deliberately failed to stop it.

Why on earth would he do a thing like that?

So he could execute his vendetta against Saddam on behalf of Daddy.

So the President of the United States stood by and allowed an attack that killed nearly 3,000 Americans and caused untold damage to the US for the sake of a vendetta?


What about all the people who also knew about it? I mean, the president doesn't figure this stuff out, other people do and tell him about it.

They're all afraid to talk or in on it or killed.

Okey-dokey then.

BTW, my fellow Yarbians. Watch for the heated resurgence of the "No WMD!" attack. Dubya knew there were no WMDS (well, no stockpiles). Everyone told him that. New intelligence. Or the old intelligence over the years had all been lies but only Dubya knew they were lies or everyone knew it was all lies (they're all liars, after all) and repeated the lies but only Dubya went to war over what he knew were lies. Mark my words. There never were WMDs. (Don't bother giving me the facts, I'm aware. It makes no difference.)

Rick Ballard said...


It wasn't just Bush. He had help. Hell, when he was elected he didn't even know how to create and steer a hurricane.

I wish I could tell you who is really pulling the strings but it might get me

Syl said...

Look, they were all hit in the face by reality after living years of their transnational socialistic UN is the governance we are all in charge war is outlawed do-gooder peace is free mentality. They were free totally FREE to impose their beliefs on the world.


These are the deniers.

And THEY will be the first to convert to Islam.