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Friday, September 15, 2006
Allahu Akbar!!!

Democrat Response

Republican Response


terrye said...

That is just vicious.

Peter UK said...

Interesting all the signs are in English Another little AP/al reuters fakery.

Mr Ballard did you seek assurances from Mr Dean that no cats were harmed in this film?

Rick Ballard said...

Mr Uk,

It is my understanding that the photo in question depicts Mr Dean selecting an entre - the rubber chicken circuit does get a bit wearying. I doubt that any kittens were harmed during the filming but I cannot vouch for subsequent events.

Luther McLeod said...

But, Terrye, oh so salient.

David Thomson said...

I suspect that a slight majority of American voters increasingly perceive the Democrats as mostly useless in the war on terror. The GOP only needs a slight edge to really kick ass in November. Things are looking good.

terrye said...

poor kitty.

Peter UK said...

To the point,if “jihad is an inner struggle” why don't they take the Semtex orally?

Peter UK said...

The original Democratic response was this

Knucklehead said...

Terrye used the key word in a comment to a thread below: barbarian. The Islamofascists are not some new development. They are not some new "religion". They are not the exotic east, the noble savages, the authentic practioners of the ancient ways. They are nothing more than the last of the barbarian hordes. They have the wreckage of the "cradle of civilization" all about them to attest to it.

The world of the barbarians is disolving around them. They are not willing to let it go. In fact, they believe they can not only save it but destroy that which threatens it.

Of those of us who do not belong to the world of the barbarians there are some who believe the barbarians can be dealt with through tribute and empathy. Others believe they must be resisted and eventually defeated. Others still believe they must be slaughtered wholesale. Any the remainder have no strong notion of either barbarians or civilization.

Rick Ballard said...

A. tribute and empathy.

B. resisted and eventually defeated.

C. slaughtered wholesale.

I'll take B for another ten years with the proviso that at the end of ten years we move to C if B doesn't seem to be working out.

Beating muslim savages involves killing the sheiks and their mullahs and any 'resisting' that doesn't target them will lead to C, which would really be a waste of resources unless enough sheiks and mullahs were caught in the general carnage. I'm still not sure why targetting the midlevel snakes hasn't been actively pursued. Of course, I'm still not sure that it hasn't, either.

Syl said...


To the point,if “jihad is an inner struggle” why don't they take the Semtex orally?

I'm not laughing. I swear I'm not. No, not at all!