Sweden Turns Right?

Sunday, September 17, 2006
I don't think "right" has quite the same connotation regarding Sweden that it does here. It's kind of like Merkel being on the right - only works if the comparison is to a wet socialist.

Nevertheless, the socialist paradise of Sweden has booted out a party whose main election promise was even more "something for nothing".

Baron Boddissey at Gates of Vienna has a very long piece up (posted prior to the election) which provides a wealth of detail concerning what socialism hath wrought for the Swedes.

It appears that a winning plurality want to try something a little different. Who can blame them?


Skookumchuk said...

Some results at Swedish Radio.

nomdeblog said...

I think the new leader got his MBA in Connecticut, let’s hope he’s to the right of Ned Lamont … :>)

The “right” leadership can make a big difference. Scandinavians are starting to “get it”; many are tired of the ravages of socialism and with immigration.

I’ve been going to Denmark regularly for a couple of decades. As my brother-in-law now says about immigration “the only book they understand better than the Koran is the welfare manual”. With a Conservative Prime Minster now in Denmark the turnaround is unbelievable. In the last 5 years its gone from streets cluttered with Tuborg drinking hippies in downtown Copenhagen to stores like Hermes and Lacoste jammed full of shoppers.

Merkle is an improvement in Germany. France might smarten up. I think there’s still a tiny bit of hope that Europe won’t become Eurabia.

Skookumchuk said...


I think there’s still a tiny bit of hope that Europe won’t become Eurabia.

I've never quite swallowed the belief that Europe will become one big uniform Eurabia. The question I think is whether existing European states will remain whole or whether people might find it easier to opt out of the fight with Islam by building walls within their own countries. The cultural walls seemingly are already there. The question is whether political and geographic walls will follow.

terrye said...

If they grow a backbone, they might be able to save themselves, nothing is written in stone.

nomdeblog said...

They need backbone for the same reason we do – to fight the enemy within; unless we beat our own utopians we can’t win against Islamic fascism; but at least ..

… now we know the Pope knows ( as Rummy might put it).

Knucklehead said...

Don't get too carried away about this. The "center-right", or even "moderate" position in Sweden (pretty much all of Old Europe) are hardly flat-taxers.

Swedes are fully addicted to the cradle to grave welfare system. They're a bit frustrated at the moment about jobs and nuttiness in the welfare system that many seem to have some squishy willingness to rein in, but they'll never make major changes to their system. They like it - a lot. The ones who don't like it leave.

This is about trying to find some way to curb the most ludicrous examples of welfare abuses; they'll make a go of getting rid of some of the charades masking unemployment.

Don't expect any major surgery. This will be purely a matter of slathering some antibiotic ointment on a few festering abrasions here and there.