Another blogger from Iraq

Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Most who frequent this site are likely to see this at Instapundit where I found it. Laura Ingraham is blogging from Iraq. I don't know a great deal about Ms. Ingraham having paid no attention to her bio or read any of her books (although I've long wanted to read Shut Up And Sing but apparently not strongly enough to actually go get a copy).

What I do know about her is that I was always happy to find her radio program when I happened to be driving at whatever time it was (is?) on the air. I like her sense of humor and she never failed to make me laugh.


MeaninglessHotAir said...

Do you suppose she will find things to make us laugh in Iraq?

Knucklehead said...


That might be a bit of challenge. I don't put it past her to manage it. The troops themselves have cut a few videos that were downright humorous. Given some time she might be able to connect with some humor on the political side. I'd imagine she can uncover some scathing commentary from troops that, packaged correctly, might be funny.

Alan said...

I used to find her radio show entertaining. I ended up turning her off when it became clear her representation of conservatism was dominated by the pro-life issue...much like most "conservative" pundits.

I'm a little bit tired of conservatism being defined as pro-life. Yes, abortion is an awful procedure and a majority of the populace believes it's immoral. But that doesn't translate into making it illegal. Ingraham is all for limited government unless we're talking about reproductive or end of life issues. Then she's all for an "all knowing" and "all seeing" government.