Danish Cartoons Update

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Danes cave, receive a bomb threat as a reward, but are backed up by France-Soir and two German newspapers who publish the cartoons themselves. "Auf der Titelseite von „France-Soir“ hieß es: „Ja, wir haben das Recht, Gott zu karikieren.“ On the front page of France-Soir it asserts: "Yes, we have the right to caricature God." Did Europe suddenly discover a set of cojones somewhere? Who woulda thunk it?

...But this just in: France-Soir editor loses his job for it.
Oh well, you knew it was too good to last.


David Thomson said...

Is there more freedom of speech in France than Iran? I doubt it very much. The only real difference is the lack of violence in France. Other than that, the French politically correct establishment effectively shuts down dissenting opinions.

Morgan said...

The owner of France Soir, an Egyptian, Raymond Lakah...

The editor may have had an inkling this would happen.

Seneca the Younger said...

David, if leFranc hasn't been beaten to death by the police, I think you're exaggerating.

Honest to God, other than not liking France much, do you have any evidence for this basically silly assertion? Have you been in Iran? have you been in France? Have you heard any French bloggers on hunger strikes to protest being imprisioned for their blogs?

I mean, really, this is tinfoil hat material.

CF said...

A Spanish, Italian and Dutch paper have followed suit. So where;s the anglosphere?

Syl said...

Denmark did not cave.

They apologized for offending people, yet asserted their right to publish.

David Thomson said...

“Honest to God, other than not liking France much, do you have any evidence for this basically silly assertion? “

I have enough evidence to choke a horse. People are constantly being intimidated in France to keep their mouth shut. They are threatened with ruinous lawsuits and even jail time. Even asserting that you believe homosexuality to be immoral is sufficient to cause you enormous grief. I have, however, seen no evidence whatsoever where one’s physical safety might be threatened by the French authorities. That seems to be the only significant difference between France and Iran.

I cannot begin to comprehend, quite frankly, your absurd position. Could it be that you are subconsciously hesitant to admit just how bad things are in the EU countries?

David Thomson said...

France’s politically correct establishment is just about as effective as Iran’s mullahs:

“Stating that “homosexual behaviour endangers the survival of humanity” and that “heterosexuality is morally superior to homosexuality” can cost you dearly in France. Exactly these opinions, expressed by the French politician Christian Vanneste last year, led to him being sentenced on Tuesday to payment of a heavy fine.”

Knucklehead said...

Well, like the Palis who were at least temporarily free to elect whomever they pleased, the international MSM is perfectly free to exercise their free speech with backbone or cowardice.

In the case of the Palis we may have witnessed the proof that, in fact, the majority of them are quite supportive of the Death Cult.

In the case of the MSM we may have witnessed the proof that it is only one form of free speech they are willing to defend; the form that carries no significant risk. Add risk to the mix and they will drop their free speech and grovel and cut deals quicker than a guy selling TVs off the back of the truck he just hijacked.

It is also interesting to note how the leadership among the jihadis plays precisely the same game Araffat played so well. Say one thing to the western press in a western language and turn around and say precisely the opposite to the Islamic world in arabic.

Time to check in on MEMRI. I keep forgetting about them. What a valuable service they provide. Funny how the MSM fails to put together a similar service.

Eric Blair said...

Notice how marky is completely silent on this subject.

terrye said...

I am glad to see at least some of the Europeans, especially the French, exhibiting some back bone.

Maybe listening to the mad mullah blame them for the existence of Israel was too much for them. Especially when they had weeks of riots.

It seems that VanGogh's public and gruesome murder really got to the Danes.

I don't think Europe is over... or France for that matter. I don't expcet them to start acting like red state Republicans..but they ain't dead yet.

terrye said...


Gee, do you think we might make Islamic jihad by posting the picture?

One can hope.