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Sunday, February 05, 2006
Frank Martin (Varifrank) makes four very interesting points. Here's point #2:
Point #2. Is it possible that the protests have nothing to do with "cartoons" but everything to do with Iran getting sent to the Security Council? These cartoons were 6 months old, all of a sudden, just this week, it suddenly becomes such an issue that has resulted in death and distruction around the world.

In my opinion, these protests are nothing but a loaded gun that has been laid on the table of every European Government and the mesage is clear:

"Back off Iran, or we will set your cities aflame".

These protests are angry and they are aimed not at generating sympathy or seeking redress from the population at large for a "wrong that must be righted", that is not the message on those placards.

They want blood. They want to be clear to anyone watching that they are dangerous, for that is their clearly stated message. You dont words like "Slay", Butcher" and "exterminate" if your interested in changing government policy. The use of violent public protest is on a par with the suicide bomber, its a weapon we havent quite figured out how to fight, and the Islamists know this. We assign automatic virtue to any protest and the Islamists also know this.

In my opinion, this is no more about "Blasphemous Cartoons" than the reichstag fire was about the German Communist Party.

See also point 4.


David Thomson said...

"Back off Iran, or we will set your cities aflame"

We have Super Bowl Sunday and they enjoy their flag burning protests. It’s more likely that the Islamic radicals would find another excuse, if necessary, to test the will of the Western world. These thugs want to see how much they can get away with. Pushing the envelope to the max is their probable motivation. They are somewhat like eight year old children testing the patience of their parents.

terrye said...


This may be but it also says, Look at us we are nuts, give us nukes...

That kind of thing can work both ways.

Specter said...

Check out the artcle by Scott Johnson on PowerLine. It points out that there seems to be an awful lot of Danish flags floating around the Middle East. Imagine that - just walk into any store and buy a Danish flag. Something seems fishy in the Middle East.....Where did all these flags and photo-ops come from?

Seneca the Younger said...

Yeah, isn't that interesting, Specter?

Specter said...

I bet I'd have a hard time finding a Danish flag here in the states - even at the "evil" Wal-mart.....LOL. Of course there places selling hundreds of them in the Middle East....LOL

David Thomson said...

“Check out the artcle by Scott Johnson on PowerLine. It points out that there seems to be an awful lot of Danish flags floating around the Middle East.”

Yup, that’s a valid point. A conspiracy of some sort is obviously going on.

terrye said...

I just read Jack Kelly's article I saw on Real Clear Politics and it dawned on me that Syria might be trying to hide some weapons. Get people all worked up to cover their own behinds.

Jack Kelly says that on Feb. 17 there will be a press conference on recently translated Iraqi tapes which will make some people take notice.

I wonder.

Peter UK said...

That is the genius of the Danish riposte to the boycott of Danish goods,sell them flags.

Specter said...

lol...makes up for all that cheese they lost sales in....Probably sold them the kerosene too...

Knucklehead said...


From your "Something smell fishy" post.

...where did all of those flags come from? Did the countries in the Middle East just happen to have hundreds of Danish flags on hand to be conveniently burned in front of cameras?

It is, or should be, rather obvious that the "spontaneous" anger of the "Arab street" is nothing of the sort. There is undoubtedly organizational skills behind it. And just as undoubtedly there are little "cottage industries" where Islamic versions of "Betsy Ross" manufacture flags and banners to order on short notice.

The idea that Arab muslims, and muslims elsewhere, are so oppressed by the west that they are understandably prone to grabbing AK and RPG launcher from their cradles above the fireplace and taking to the streets in angry protest just doesn't stand up to even a little bit of organized thought. The color coordinated banners (in English) and flags and chants are all arranged and distributed due to organized effort.

At least part of the reasons the old guard of international Leftism finds themselves drawn to the Islamist jihadis is that they stand in admiring awe of the jihadis ability to repeatedly perform such well attended acts of angry street theater. The international Leftists pioneered the methods, tactics, and strategy but were never able to sustain it at such levels.

But I digress because you next question is, to my way of thinking, by far the more important one.

How did the reporters know to be there for the burning of the flags? Something smells very rotten.

The reporters know because they are informed by the organizers of the street theater. And herein lies what I believe will ultimately be revealed as the remarkable depths to which the western MSM has sunk.

They (the MSM) knows, and has known nearly all along, that they are being played. They are not unsophisticated people. They are aware of the difficulty and necessity of organization.

There is not a mere one or two "dirty little secrets" like the one Eason Jordan revealed. The MSM has a thousand such dirty little secrets. "Keep quiet for the sake of access" is THE dirty little secret of the MSM. As the reputation of the MSM continues to sink among the western, particularly American, audience they cannot afford the big mea culpa. They cannot come out and admit that they have willfully been party to the farce of "the anger of the Arab Street."