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Saturday, February 04, 2006
CNN International has an online vote asking if you do or do not support the publication of the cartoons in Europe. It was running 13% yes and 87% no. Of course it would, after all it is CNN.


chuck said...

But, but,

How can the viewers cast an informed vote if CNN won't show all the cartoons in their unblemished glory? I suspect all those reality based independent thinkers are making their presence felt.

gumshoe1 said...

"I suspect all those reality based independent thinkers are making their presence felt."

lol @ chuck.
wouldn't want to be influenced by facts or evidence.
rumor is so much more *authentic*,
especially if it's based on reallyreally strong FEELINGS.

terrye -

not only is it CNN, but CNN International...
home of tranzi-extrodinaire
Eason Jordan,access to Saddam's Baghdad for broadcasting priveleges,etc.

David Thomson said...

The CNN poll is poorly worded. I believe that the newspapers should have decided against publishing the photos---but remain unmolested after doing so! In the United States, one still has the right to make a fool of themselves.

markg8 said...

What's wrong with calling the Islamic media on spreading malicious lies about Israel, the US, the Articles of Zion anyone? the disgusting cartoons in Al Jazeera?, Arafat's saying one thing to the world and the opposite to his people in Arabic? You want that to continue? What is wrong with calling them on their hypocrisy in response to the Danish cartoons? What the fuck is wrong with saying George Bush is perfectly justified by their calculation in dropping a thousand 500 lb. bombs on Al Jazeera HQ in Dubai down the street from CENTCOM? Tell me cuz I really want to know.