Monday, September 04, 2006
The frost demon has visited my garden and left blackened ruin in his wake. Bye bye melons, bye bye peppers, bye bye sweet dreams of plenty.

Ah well, it's always a crap shoot here in Utah, sometimes things last through November, sometimes they go as early as August. I remember cold canyon winds painting fingers of black through the valley corn fields one July. Thank goodness I don't farm for a living.

Global, warming! Wherefore art thou freezing?


David Thomson said...

We have global warming here in Houston. It should be around 90 degrees tomorrow. We must also never forget that Al Gore spent many years living in Washington, DC. Have you ever visited that hell hole during the summer months? No wonder the guy is so goofy.

terrye said...

You have frost already? It is about 57 degrees here this am.

Knucklehead said...

Cooler than normal in these parts also. I blame it on Bush's failure to sign the Kyoto treaty. The half-eaten acorns falling like hail around my yard are his fault too. His arrogant, cowboy actions have roused the sciurus caroliniensis street.