Here or There

Thursday, September 07, 2006
I just finished watching part of Kudlow and Co. on CNBC, a show I don't think I've watched before--though I've heard of it.

Larry O'Donnell was saying Bush's numbers are so low that his speeches on terrorism won't make any difference for the Rep candidates he's attempting to help. That was countered a bit by Kudlow who pointed out that Bush's Gallup numbers on terrorism are at 55%.

But then the consensus seemed to be that Iraq is the center of the election and since 'everyone' is negative about Iraq, the Reps will be in trouble in November. Bush's talk about terrorism and guarding against it here won't work--it's about Iraq.

Then it hit me.

They're wrong.

Terrorism is about here.

Iraq is about there.

Americans live here.



marty said...

Iraq is both there and here, but anyway...

People assume that anyone who questions the conduct ofthe Iraq war wants to get out, and the polling studiously avoids asking about that. But if 20% of those who say they are unhappy with the war are f the opinion it should be prosecuted MORE aggressively, added to those who generally approve, you've got rough parity; if 40% want a more aggressive war, well, those millions can either vote Republican or sit home but they aren't automatic Dem votes by a long shot.

So, imho, all this speculation is just inside-the-Beltway masturbation

terrye said...

Well actually Bush's numbers are up lately, not great but not terrible either. Compared to the kind of numbers the media and the Congress gets he is doing pretty well.

I think marty has a point. Americans want to win in Iraq, they do not want to just run away.

I think they also know that this is an election year and a lot of this is just people trying to get an advantage.

I do feel kind of sorry for Bush though, if he talks about it all people say it is no use and if he does not talk about it they say he is either avoiding the topic or is not aggressive enough in defense of his policy. bitch bitch bitch.

David Thomson said...

Is the Iraq issue a serious negative for the Republican Party? I am not sure. George W. Bush, however, should perhaps best not take the chance. The national security issues, by themselves, are enough to help the Republicans in November.