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Saturday, September 02, 2006

How is that search for WMD in Iraq going? For the latest go check on the newly unclassified National Ground Intelligence Center report. We are currently up to 700 weapons found.

Dafydd over at Big Lizards has a very thought provoking post up on the possibility of civil War in Mexico. It seems the left true to form can not accept defeat. The leftist candidate Lopez Obrador is promising a fight in the streets if conservative Felipe Calderon is named President. People worry about the socalled civil war in Iraq that never quite seems to happen while south of the border the real thing might be brewing. I will say this to the American nativists out there: there are worse things in Mexico than Vincente Fox, and one of them is Obrador. I have to wonder... we gave sanctuary to Cubans running away from Fidel's regime, well we do the same thing if there is a communist style take over in Mexico? To see where that could lead go check out Gateway's post on Hezbellah in Venezuala.

The plot thickens. AJ has some thoughts on the seeming abandonment of Fitzgerald by the New York Times:

I posted on the deceptions in Fitzgeralds press conference, where he announced the indictments of Scooter Libby, his falsehoods in his submission to the United States Supreme Court, and those in his submission to the District Court of Appeals where he forced the testimony of reporters under the threat of jail and actual jail time for the NY Times Judith Miller. So is Fitzgerald now in trouble because he not only did not deliver on Fitzmas, he duped the media and forced them to give up too much for his lame investigation? The NY Times does not seem to be impressed with what they bought for the price of losing some media perks.

Ahh, the irony of it all.

Powerline has a post up on the liberal snuff film depicting the assasination of George Bush. I have to agree with him, if Republicans are such fascists, why aren't all these people running for their lives?

Ed Morissey has a post up on Democrats refusing to pay minimum wage to canvassers. I worked for a liberal group many years ago, before I saw the light that is, and it is true, they make you beg for your keep. You go door to door with your little clip board and ask for money. At least that was my experience.


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