Ahmanutter's August Surprise?

Thursday, August 17, 2006
Sue, over at JOM provided a link to this article concerning a possible nuclear test by North Korea. Powerline links to this report [ht SunnyDay] at Vital Perspectives concerning satellite dishes being destroyed in Tehran - in anticipation of what?

World reaction to a joint declaration by North Korea and Iran of the successful development of a nuclear device? The recent missile test by North Korea had Iranians in attendance and the puzzle of the Syrian scientists inadvertently killed in the "accidental" explosion of a train near Pyongyang remains unsolved. Would anyone be surprised at a joint development program between the two remaining members of the Axis of Evil plus the Syrians?

Should this prove true, it would strengthen the hypothesis that Israel acted as it did in an attempt (quite possibly successful) to gain necessary intelligence concerning Iran's intentions. The on again off again invasion could have been cover for deep commando raids similiar to the one conducted at Baalbek. It would also explain why Bint Jbal was not destroyed through artillery and bombing raids - the information sought might well have been destroyed during bombardment rather than being discovered by the commando teams. It would also explain the severity of the bombing campaign conducted by Israel. There may well have been more (and bigger) missiles in the Bekaa than has been reported to date.

All pure speculation, to be sure. Neither the precious metals markets, the commodities markets nor the stock markets are giving any signals of approaching catastrophe. There have been rumors floating but I've seen nothing with any more substance than what I've posited here, which is 100% conjecture. Still, I'll feel better to awaken on the 25th with all speculation about Ahmanutter resolved - until he switches to a mauve aura and the 13th, 14th and 15th imam legends.


Peter UK said...

Representatives of the 12th Imam said today that,"Imam Inhidin will not leave the seclusion of his well for the forseable future,"I like it down here" he is reported to have said said"

Rick Ballard said...

Shoot, he's gonna miss out on the initial shares offering of the Pyongyang & Qum Obsidian Mines, Inc. They're going to be going like balls of fire. It's going to be the hottest offering in years, even though they won't be able to start actual operations for about... um, what was the half life of plutonium again?

Peter UK said...

Spokesmen for the Imam said "He can wait".

Luther McLeod said...

First off, I am a nutter.

But I have strong suspicions that there are many more members in the axis of evil than has been supposed.

I think one could list on the fingers of one hand those who are with us (US).

On the other fingers and toes are those who deliberately, with malice and forethought, would bring about our destruction.

I would include Russia, China and most of the muslim controlled countries.

I mean, really, just look at the source. Weapons and money. Would N. Korea be such a threat without China. Does anyone seriously believe that NK could have developed 'anything' without the assistance of China and/or Russia. Does anyone think that Iran or Syria could have developed 'anything' without the assistance of NK, or Russia or China.

They all hate freedom.

This is there big push. Maybe not the 22nd, exactly. That could just be a Amajanutcase scenario. But they are lining up. They have the upper edge in the true war, which is the PR war.

As I said, I am a nutter. But I think we stand on the precipice, with our backs to it. We either stiffen up and advance or be pushed over the edge.

Please forgive my dramatics.

Peter UK said...

A spokesman for the Imam said today",The Imam says it is a 'kin madhouse up there,why should he want to hang out with those Persian nutters,he's an Arab,they ain't no relation.Down there he has cable TV,satellite,plasma screen,all Wile E Coyote's movies,he don't want no coming out party,so occlude him out,OK?

luc said...

Luther mcleod I do not know if you are anutter but I am with you. Earlier I posted the following at Belmon Club:
“State-Sponsored Terror” is IMHO the only terrorism of any consequence since terror, the tactic used by some people, does not exist in a vacuum; because just like the people that use terror tactics, it exists somewhere, even if it is hidden in somebody’s backyard. Now that backyard is in some state, hence the terrorists are where they are with the state’s knowledge if not actual backing. It is exactly the same reasoning that Israel uses to justify its campaign in Lebanon: Lebanon is responsible for any attacks from its territory.

I fully understand that accepting such reasoning makes a mockery of excusing Pakistan for harboring AQ. Maybe all the mental gymnastics employed not to call a spade a spade have something to do with the questionable will to meet today’s challenges. I am using the term challenges advisedly to distinguish it from the incoming disasters.

While giving one’s life to protect another is one of the highest human achievements, waiting to get hit before dealing with a deadly enemy is not proof of wisdom and courage but a sign of arrogance and stupidity.

What honest person would ask another to get killed because he does not have yet sufficient reason/conviction to strike an enemy? Because this is exactly what refusing to use all means at one’s disposal, yes nukes, means. I am not advocating making Iran and the ME a glass-lined parking lot but a few well placed nukes on strategic rather than population centers might do the trick. If it does not, there is always the opportunity for more radical surgery. Don’t forget we are not yet at a MAD stage with Islam and it is MADNESS to wait till we reach that point.

Finally, I have seen it claimed that using nukes is a threshold which should never be passed. Why? There is no moral reason for it, once you accept killing your enemy why quibble about the means?!? For me, there is no more difficult rational decision than that of taking someone else’s life, once the decision is made knife or nuke is the same to me.

Peter UK said...

Meanwhile in downtown Tehran

Rick Ballard said...


I don't believe that my position differs much from yours nor have I changed positions to any great extent since 9/11. I might phrase it a bit differently - other countries will pursue their own interests as they see fit and if it means swapping teams - well, that's part of the game. We've countered China's rather negligible efforts by purchasing the loyalty of Southern China - if the commies up north get to rattling sabers too hard they'll be fighting a civil war in short order. I would wager that North Korea's fate has been decided by Washington and Peking and that a nuclear test will be the end of Kim Jong Il.

I have no idea whether or not Ahmanutter is bluffing but I have faith that the poker player in the WH will deal with him in either respect.


I agree regarding weapons. I'm less inclined toward first use and I believe that Iran is hollow in much the same way as the USSR. If Ahmanutter is just going to bluff after a successful test then he is taking a position that would require the response that you outline.

These are very interesting times but I'm rather unconcerned about the income. It's not as though we're going to be terribly surprised no matter what happens.

gumshoe1 said...

peter uk -

about the only anti-dote to Ahmanutter *is* humor.

i bet over half of Iran
wishes they could laugh at him right about now.

well done.

gumshoe1 said...


this whole 12th Imam,
hiding in the well,returning-in- response-to-global-chaos stuff,
has no meaning to Sunni Muslims,
as far as I'm aware.

It makes Ahmanutter look pretty
loony to them too,no doubt.

Luther McLeod said...


I can not disagree with your main points. But...though I was once upon a time trained to be ruthless and merciless in the face of death, I still have this almost genetic aversion to going first. Believe me, it is not based on "arrogance and stupidity". It is somehow based on making sure of one's enemy. On making sure that one is not misreading the emotion of the moment, I speak in a worldly context here, not a man to man context. Very different.

Though many things seem obvious, there are those who are simply mislead. And to stupid to see the difference. I want the true actor's to show themselves. To have the balls to announce their intent. Then I will kill with abandon.

But, that is what I mean by the PR war. There is no State entity (aside from Iran, which does not really count, until they demonstrate nuke capability) that will stand toe to toe with this country. None dare. But should they, I agree, no difference between knife or nuke. End it quickly, with force, and the least loss of life. But victory above all.


Interesting conjecture re NK, test's and agreements. You may well be correct. But I would be surprised, I think NK is too valuable a dog in the shed for China to sacrifice.

Yes, Ahmanutter may be (and most likely is) bluffing. I also agree the WH will deal with whatever occurs. But, obviously, dangerous nonetheless.

Peter UK said...

The Twelfth Imam is said to be the son of a Byzantine slave,an occidental,it is my theory that,taking all the evidence,Ahmadinejad's letter and the chaos reigning in the world,the Twelfth Imam is none other than George Bush.That is why Ahmadinejad wants to convert him.

Syl said...

Representatives of the 12th Imam said today that,"Imam Inhidin will not leave the seclusion of his well for the forseable future,"I like it down here" he is reported to have said said"

Nah, he'll pop his head up on 8/22, see his shadow, and say 'fuggedaboutit' for another 4 centuries.

terrye said...

I think that Bush has always been suspicious of this, I think this is why they got named the Axis of Evil in the first place. One easy way to get around sanctions etc is to make sure that no single country appears that dangerous on its own.

But then again if crazy man 1 joins up with crazy man 2 it will be much easier to justify a big ass bombing campaign against said crazy men.

Peter UK said...

A spokesman said today,"The Imam does not was 72 raisins for dying,simply a raisin to live".