This is for Rick

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rick Ballard has from time to time pointed out certain silliness in AP's reporting. Well it seems that someone else has taken up the job as well. Qando makes note of the differences between what Rumsfeld actually said and what the AP says he said.

H/T Hugh Hewitt.


David Thomson said...

Once again, the internet comes to the rescue. Does anybody have any remaining doubts concerning what Don Rumsfeld actually said? If so, the whole speech is available for their reading enjoyment.

terrye said...

People are making a huge deal of Rumsfeld's speech, but I really did not think it was that radical myself.

David Thomson said...

Don Rumsfeld said nothing particularly new and exciting. People like generally consider them ass ho-hum. However the 527 Media is out to destroy the Republican Party. It is their “duty” to slant every story to damage this administration.