LILEKS (James) :: the Bleat

Monday, August 21, 2006
LILEKS (James) :: the Bleat: "It's just interesting how Westerners think that that Red Scare was a historical event of such towering proportions it trumps the tales of the Soviet Union in the same period. US version: communist sympathizers frozen out of screenwriting jobs, justly or unjustly. USSR version: actual communists killed in ghastly numbers by a parody of a legal system underwritten by brute force and an industrialized penal system built on slave labor. Why is the latter ignored, and the former celebrated?

Because a herd of frozen zeks dying in the snows of Wherdifugistan doesn’t really connect, you know? Whereas six guys sitting around the Carnegie Deli bitching about cowardly sponsors, that strikes a chord. "


Rick Ballard said...

Lileks does a nice job - but his musings led me to Barbarella and thence to Cat Ballou and Wolf City, Wyoming.

Where did we go wrong?