Ric Locke speaks for me

Sunday, August 27, 2006
Ric Locke comments at Roger L. Simon: "As a Bush supporter, I accept my part in the deaths caused by the war. Of course, I always did, and I don't believe George Bush tries to escape responsibility.

But that means the half-million who died because of your hero(es) are on your soul. Gassing entire Kurd villages so Saddam's relatives could have the land: yours. Destroying an ecosystem to starve the Marsh Arabs: yours. Tossing live infants into a slit trench, then cutting their parents' throats and using the bodies to stifle the screams: all on your head. "


Luther McLeod said...

Ric Locke is a leftist's worst nightmare. He is always on point and on message. Rarely does he miss.

terrye said...

I wonder how it is that the left thinks they can flit through life without having to be responsible for anything.

I think most people want the war to end, who doesn't?

But this kind of person, the person who is enraged because an evil man has been removed from power is a mystery to me. I know the answer, Bush is evil blah blah blah...but Saddam was joining the ranks of the great monsters of modern times when Bush was still the Governor of Texas..so why is leaving a monster like Saddam to his devices suddenly a morally superior thing to do?

lurker said...

FDR, Truman, Lincoln, Washington all had to face the same responsibilities that Bush faces today.

While the majority do not like wars, the minority understand the purpose of war over appeasement or national security balanced with civil liberties.

The lefties think that if we leave them alone, we will be in peace. How quickly have they forgotten that we were attacked in peace time.

The lefties did not see a reason to invade Iraq; yet, they've already forgotten how evil Saddam was and how much of a threat Saddam was to the world.

Today, the lefty countries (Russia and China) are not willing to impose sanctions against Iran; driving Bush to consider forming a coalition to enforce the sanctions outside UN. I hope Bush is able to accomplish something.

Most people want the war to end; yet, they already forgot how long D-Day took to win against the Nazis in Europe and how long it took to fight the Nazi "brownshirts" after World War II.

As for iraqbodycount, Ric Locke is right on point but he failed to point the comparison against casualty numbers of previous wars.

We need to give our good men and women time and let them do their own jobs. We won the war against Iraq. Now we need to win against the insurgents.

It's interesting that Baghdad used to be Babylon. And one theory is that Eden was located at the 3-point of the Euphrates river in southern part of Iraq.

Seneca the Younger said...

While the majority do not like wars, the minority understand the purpose of war over appeasement or national security balanced with civil liberties.

It's not that the minority like wars either. it just that some people prefer to see the dentist when they can just get a filling, while others wait until the pain is unbearable and the whole tooth is rotten.

In Colorado, we call these two groups "adults" and "children."