Another Short-sighted Pundit

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
The Corner on National Review Online: "[Ramesh Ponnuru] Michael Crowley argues ... that the Club for Growth is hurting the Republican party by backing primary candidates who can't win the general election. The Club, which has ties to NR in the person of Dusty Rhodes, would presumably reply: So what? It doesn't exist to help the Republican party. "

So what? Simple: if it hurts the Republican Party, it tends to help the Demnocratic Party.

I don't know what they call this in the Halls of Power, but down on the ranch we used to call that "stepping on one's own wee-wee."


David Thomson said...

The liberal New Republic is thrilled by the idiotic Club for Growth:

The GOP purge.
Growing Pains
by Michael Crowley

The war on terror must be our first priority. Virtually nothing should be allowed to get in the way of defeating the Islamic militants.

terrye said...

They say they do not exist to help the Republicans, well what makes them think the rest of us exist to help them?

If these morons pull a Ross Perot I give up on them. It might be a good idea for the Republicans to tell them to go start their own damn party and see where that gets them.

chuck said...

I agree with David, it is primarily a matter of priorities. It also seems to me that American political parties are inherently coalitions because of the way the constitution works. Now, if we had a parliamentary system where governing coalitions were formed after elections, we could afford many parties, each enforcing party discipline.