Inflamed Pundit, send shark-oil salve

Saturday, August 26, 2006
The Corner on National Review Online: "Friday prayers at Tehran University are important; they are the official statement of the Supreme Leader’s policy. Andy McCarthy is right. The ceasefire is a charade. Rice is either willing to fold in the face of terror or has been completely had. Either way does not instill confidence."

Because, of course, Condi Rice is not nearly as smart as a small-time radio host and couldn't possibly have thought farther ahead than the next news cycle, and so gave no thought to the predictable next action Hezbollah and the Iranians would take.


CF said...

I don't know why I even bother reading NRO. It's so stupid as a rule.

terrye said...

I am getting completely fed up with these self important blowhards. One day they want the woman to be the next President and the next day they are pissed at her because she has not launched a nuclear strike against Tehran and Damascus.

Somehow I think that Condi Rice has access to information these bozos do not have and if they knew what she knew, it would curl their toes.

I don't think she has been had, I think she is doing the best she can with the hand she is dealt.

Syl said...

This is truly weird, but I woke up today totally unworried about Iran and its nuclear program.

And totally bored by the talk of attacking them.

And utterly turned off by Islamaphobia because it paints with too broad a brush.

I'm beginning to become aware of a subtle shift in the Arab world and a hidden hope that America succeeds in Iraq.

As well as the possibiilty of a better future for Lebanon vis-a-vis Israel. Michael Totten's post probably has something to do with that.

I've also become more aware of Musharraf's attempts to reform the Islamic laws in Pakistan--and the trouble he has in doing so. The complaints of the liberals over there is that Musharraf isn't behaving enough like a dictator--heh. Well, he doesn't want the whole country to blow up and I believe him to be a wiser man than most give him credit for.

I think the Cedar Revolution is still alive and perhaps that's part of Condi's calculus. We just don't see all the factors involved.

But it is all baby steps and we still have al qaeda types to worry about. I'm under no illusions about that.

There is however something telling me to ease up on the confrontation a bit and concentrate on guiding and assuring the changes already set in motion.

terrye said...


When this all began Bush said the fight to bring democracy to the region would be generational. It seems everyone, left and right have forgooten that.

chuck said...

"...send shark-oil salve"

Phew, for a minute there I thought you said send snark-oil salve.

terrye said...

same difference.

Seneca the Younger said...

Oh, thank goodness, I was afraid I was being too subtle.

chuck said...


Until now, most people believed all that existed for the treatment of hemorrhoids was a salve comprised of yeast cells and shark oil or God

What were you suggesting?

CF said...

syl, I regard you as a keen observer so I am so glad to hear you say that. Some days I think I've been bit by the Pollyanna bug.

Jamie Irons said...


I'm with cf.

Your comment coincides with intuitions I have been having, for what they are worth...

Jamie Irons