Jeff Goldstein Nails It

Monday, August 28, 2006
protein wisdom: "Most disturbing is that the propaganda provided by Reuters, the AP, et al might not be intentional. Propaganda delivered intentionally is, of course, utterly despicable, and—when it comes from a news service—unconscionable. But it is propaganda that is accepted uncritically and reported as fact—thanks to years of having one’s worldview shaped by the previous generation of media propaganda—that is must troublesome. That is, if one is to believe that news agencies aren’t intentionally part of an international conspiracy that is actively combatting Israel and the US (under a Republican administration), one is forced to concede, based on the evidence that has been produced during the fauxtagraphy scandal, that many media personnel are being blinded by their own prejudices—so much so that they are willing to take at face value, and then propagate in advance of some determination of veracity, the very claims that they should be actively investigating."


David Thomson said...

“Most disturbing is that the propaganda provided by Reuters, the AP, et al might not be intentional.”

It is almost certainly unintentional. This is what I’ve been saying for the longest time. Moreover, these people will easily pass a lie detector test. Why are they so goody? They reside in an echo chamber. Everybody is on the same page. And there is something else that I’ve come to more fully realize only in the last few weeks: they have been seduced by the leftist zeitgeist to believe only the utterances of the far left. They subconsciously blip off any dissenting voices as, at best well meaning falsehoods, being advanced by the alleged capitalist establishment.

terrye said...

Myabe most reporters are of a certain political mindset and they just accept this attitude. It is not just the media anyway. The military, religious Christians, rural people seem to have similar views as well. but they keep their views to themselves much of the time, the press is in our face.

Peter UK said...

The anatony of a propaganda event.It is evident that the whores of the MSM go along with any restrictions simply to obtain any kind of picture for publication,anything to "feed the presses".Shameful!