Have they jumped the Shark?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I mean the Bush haters. The know it alls, the lefties, the arm chair generals, and the socialists and most of all of course, the reality based community. From The Anchoress a post on a new movie about.......Assasinating George Bush. How daring. What a tasty dish of hate.

And when they eat it, it will destroy them. This meal will taste delicious in the mouth, and it will go down easier than a California mudslide, but after a while - not immediately, but after a while - they will realize they’ve poisoned themselves, willingly, lasciviously, voraciously, luxuriously. Bloated and gaseous they’ll look for an antidote, but there is no antidote to this much hate, except full-scale surrender, contrition and conversion - not necessarily to a religious idea, but to a more humbled mindset, one willing to be taught to love…and these poor folks will probably be too weakened and too ill to manage all that.

This much hate backfires on the hater. You’d think they’d know it by now, but they don’t, of course. They always overplay their hand. They can be counted on to do it.

I feel kind of sorry for the people who - undoubtedly - are multiple-orgasming over this story today. You know what sites to visit to find them, if you must seek them out. I feel sorry for them because this is all they are, loyal subjects enthralled to a Kingship of Hate, which is an evil and a real oppressor, although they don’t think they’re oppressed - well, except by that evil moron, Bush, who is keeping them from living freely or speaking out while they sip their lattes.

Just as prayer is a force, and love is a force, hate is a force, too. It has power, horrible, destructive power. And the worst part about the power of hate is that it is so often invisible - it cannot be seen - its effects cannot be seen until much later. Its effects are not immediately clear, as with a hurricane, or even “eventually” clear, as with a child loved into being. The effects of hate prefer to remain hidden - they hate to be brought out into the light and examined. Hate’s hiding place, of course, is deep within the human heart and soul. It slumbers there, eats there, plays there, sends forth destruction from that comfortable and well-camouflaged bunker.

I used to think that John Paul II was the man toward whom more hate and more love were directed, in the world, than any other, and that the hate and love balanced each other out, in a way. Now, of course, President Bush is the most hated man in the world, without the balance of corresponding love. What an awful life for him - what a terrible burden to carry - how many of us would be willing to endure it?

And if hate is a force - an “energy,” if you like - then what is going to happen to all of that hate when President Bush is no longer in office? Where will all of that force go? It must go somewhere. If it does not go outward, it will go inward.

I know many in the blogosphere, on the left are thrilled with this “docudrama” idea. And many on the right are appalled and enraged. I personally think that this idea is “too-cute by half,” and that aside from feeding those who so hunger for it, it is going to repel the res
t, especially those who do not “love” the president, but who do not “hate” him, either.

The film will have its apologists in the media, of course, people who will harrumph and sneer at the rubes of the world who don’t recognise how daring and sophisticated it all is. And no doubt, some wild-eyed rightwing person will be brought on the air, somewhere, to hyperventilate over the piece and quote scripture, for the edification and amusement of the sophisticates.

But for the rest of the world, the folks who are not mad from ideological overdosing, I think The Bush-haters and their Derangement Syndrome may have just jumped the shark.

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Peter UK said...

Peter Dale,the Commissioning Editor of C4 Show them the power of the internet,why not issue a fatwa,time to show Infidel outrage.

Peter UK said...

This shit is to be shown at the Toronto Film Festival