A Fighting General

Thursday, August 17, 2006
Major General Bill McCoy has taken umbrage with a gutless worm of a reporter for the Washington Post. He published an open letter of reply in the Corps of Engineers weekly report concerning reconstruction in Iraq in which he detailed the lies told by the seditionist Andy Mosher in his poorly written anti-American propaganda piece. The general also made a copy of his letter available to Newsbusters.

I would wager a good sum that those reading this are hearing of this fracas for the first time. Certainly, the fifth columnists at the WaPo lack the spine necessary to publish the General's rebuttal and if they don't take official notice then it didn't really happen, did it?

I have seen the wish expressed many times in many places that the President answer his critics when they spout their lies. While it is true that a rebuttal by the President would receive more attention than that of a General I believe that in the end the result would be similar. Sullen silence in the Copperhead press followed by mischaracterization of whatever the President said.

I applaud the General for publishing his reply. It is the mark of a good leader that he stand up for the fine performance of his subordinates when confronted by the shabby lies of the propagandists who constitute the majority of those reporting on events in Iraq. I would hope that in the future he will spend his time a bit more productively when offered the opportunity to be interviewed by a propagandist. There is just no percentage in dealing with the enemy.


Luther McLeod said...

Rick, to hell with false modesty. You do, most often, write with clarity and focus.

Yes, the sign of a good leader, defend the troops, and when they f*** up, nail'em to the wall. It takes both sides.

The copperhead press may be the death of us all.

terrye said...

I have had the same thought. People tell Bush to fight back, but when he does he is either ignored or misrepresented. The press acts like more like an inquisitor than a provider of accurate information.