Better not torture him

Thursday, August 17, 2006 "NABBED: 'A senior al Qaeda commander allegedly tied to the London airplane bomb plot has been arrested in Pakistan, Pakistani intelligence and law enforcement officials have told ABC News. Matiur Rehman, one of the most wanted men in Pakistan, is known to have met with the alleged plot ringleader Rashid Rauf, according to the officials.'"

Andy Sullivan will be pissed off.


Morgan said...

Surely Sullivan will be very pleased that the authorities have been so forthcoming with this information. Because he doesn't question that there was a plot, it's only, you know, that the lack of details (like "did the suspects have passports") makes him suspicious that there were any people actually plotting.

Syl said...

This is a big catch. The guy is known to be a close associate of and in contact with zawahiri. He's the latest in a long line of AQ 'chiefs' that includes khalid sheik mohammed and bin al-shib.

Peter UK said...

Nah,Yer Honour,he fell down in his cell,as I helped him up his nose accidentally came into contact with my knee,whereupon he fell down striking his groin on the corner of the cot.On the way to hospital the doors of the ambulance flew open and he fell out,unfortunately a passing motor cyclist ran over his leg,his other injuries occured when he tripped on the steps of the court on his way to being remanded in custody.