The Claremont Institute: The Remedy

Thursday, August 31, 2006
The Claremont Institute: The Remedy: "At the foundation of the U.N.'s understanding of law is an idea that is irreconcilable with the natural rights foundation of the U.S. Hence the U.N. does not grasp the necessity of a natural right to self-defense, a right of inestimable importance to us, and formidable only to those who would be tyrants."


terrye said...

This reminds me of an argument I had with some European concerning the International Criminal Court and our troops.

I told him that the US government could not really sign onto that..because the government can not sign any treaty with a government or power that is contrary to the rights enumerated in our Constitution. If there is a conflict...the Constititution will always be right. Government can not give away rights that they do give in the first place.