Gas guru -- The Washington Times

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Gas guru -- The Washington Times: "Watching the oil industry has led Ms. Lundberg to some interesting conclusions.

She condemns the 'overzealous meddling' of the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies, and said government-mandated reformulation of unleaded gas and engine modifications aimed at curtailing emissions are more to blame for gas price increases than the worldwide Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Ms. Lundberg has strong opinions on other issues.

For instance, she has said that global warming is a 'boogeyman for political opportunism.'

Those who promote the theory are trying to create a power base and 'believe global warming is a reason to hike taxes and hike prices,' she said. "


David Thomson said...

I am in complete agreement with Ms. Lundberg. Are you angry about high gas prices? If so, blame the Democratic Party and its environmental extremist allies. Also, there is another factor that Lundberg did not mention: the leftist hysterical attacks on our nuclear power industry. This alone has dramatically increased our fuel bills.

terrye said...

I also agree. I do think fear is a factor as well as supply and demand and silly environmental rules.