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Friday, August 25, 2006
Daily Dispatch » Blog Archive » Iraq: Media Manufactured Perception: "Eighty-nine percent of Iraqis think a unity government is important.

Fifty-four percent approve of the unity government with only 25% disapproving. (That is higher than Americans who approve of the current make up of Congress and the Administration.)

Seventy-eight percent of Iraqis oppose partitioning the country along ethnic or religious lines.

The only group supporting partitioning are the Kurds.

And 70% of Iraqis do not know someone who moved because of religious conflict.

So, American watching the Legacy Media report on Iraq think the situation is much worse than the average Iraqi who actually lives in Iraq."


terrye said...

I wondered about this the other day when I did a post on perception vs reality. It is all how it is packaged.

Barry Dauphin said...

And the packaging is quite something. I watched part of the Newshour tonight (must be a masochistic streak in there). David Brooks wasn't in. Instead he was replaced by Ramesh "Why don't I carry water for Mark Shields" Ponuru. Gee, he's on Bush's side? Well, actually, he's not. But types like him are important as a bell weather for Republicans. It looks as if many Republicans are trying to distance thmeselves as much as possible from Bush. Lots of them have given up on Iraq. They look at US polls but not polls of Iraqis.

Their conventional wisdom is that Iraq is a lost war and we can only try to save some thin shred of dignity and get out of there ASAP. Bush's discussion earlier in the week of these being times that are trying the soul of the country were taken as a total reversal of course and a see the kos kids were right all along attitude, with Ponuru doing little to dissent from the nauseating simpleton Shields. It's only August, but there are many Reps abandoning ship.

David Thomson said...

“It's only August, but there are many Reps abandoning ship.”

I subscribe to the Mickey Kaus’ “feiler faster thesis.” We still have two months to change their perception---and that’s all it takes in today’s fast paced internet world. The Republicans only need a marginal improvement in gas prices and the war to do OK in the early part of November.

terrye said...


A lot of Republicans weere never on the ship. When the numbers were good they were for it, when the numbers are bad they are not. Bush is the guy who has to go down with the ship.

However, if this thing really works I bet you will see them trying to climb back aboard.