You'd never believe it

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
... but there is a very worthy post on Daily Kos.


Luther McLeod said...

I will do this soon, but only out of trust, SyT. Do not abuse it :-)

David Thomson said...

“I thought of my little girls and boy, all grown up now. Little girls and boys should not know such grief. They shouldn't grow up and die in made up wars.”

---A commenter on Daily Kos

The Daily Kos crowd unfortunately believes that these brave women died on behalf of a con job. They were naive suckers exploited by Dick Cheney and his wealthy oil buddies. The war on terror is supposedly a figment of George W. Bush’s devious mind.

Luther McLeod said...

Well SyT, you did not disappoint. Though I think your 'take' and the 'Kos's' 'take', may not be the same.

I have pride in these women. A sea change since 1965. They were allowed to show their love for this country. And they gifted us with the ultimate sacrifice. Actually, I am at a loss for word's.

CF said...

It is a lovely trubute, marred only by the usual Kossakan shyte.

terrye said...

Long ago I heard a story about a female nurse in a mash unit in viet Nam. she died when the place was over run by Viet cong. She refused to leave her patients and so hse died trying to defend with them with her side arm.

Of course the difference in the ME is that these women are by and large, nurses.

I think what commenters like the one noted overlook is that the soldier does not make the rules, he or she just fights. There will always be someone who will question the cause and denigrate the service.

terrye said...

I meant to say these women today are by and large not nurses. Once again my lazy refusal to preview has resulted in a mistake, an error. I am ashamed of my careless arrogance.

lurker said...

I did not like the title and agree with david and cf.

This was done with intent to destroy Bush and convince the public that we invaded Iraq for the wrong reasons.

Peter UK said...

"Army Staff Sgt. Tricia L. Jameson, age 34, killed when a roadside bomb blew up her Humvee ambulance on July 14, 2005. She was a health-care specialist responding to a casualty incident."

No cries of outrage at the deliberate attack on an ambulance,when a similar attack in Lebanon was faked, the Kossicles and the MSM screamed to the high heavens.Such pusillaninimous tergiversation is shameful.

Seneca the Younger said...

Well SyT, you did not disappoint. Though I think your 'take' and the 'Kos's' 'take', may not be the same.

Good God, I certainly hope so!