Sunday, August 20, 2006

I used this word in a comment when discussing the reaction to certain Muslims that many in the world seem to be having. More and more people treat them like the leper of old. They are to be shunned, avoided and kept apart. People are getting tired of the age old temper tantrum of the Middle East.

Victor Hanson had some observations on the changes in attitudes. He makes note of the ongoing problems and then he adds:

Yet, all is not lost, since lunacy cuts both ways. Iran and Syria unleashed Hezbollah because they were both facing global scrutiny, one over nuclear acquisition and the other over the assassination of Lebanese reformer Rafik Hariri. Those problems won’t go away for either of them — nor, if we persist, will the democratic fervor in Afghanistan and Iraq on their borders.

We still don’t know the extent of the damage that Hezbollah suffered, but it perhaps took casualties ten times the Israelis’ — losses — not to be dismissed even in the asymmetrical laws of postmodern warfare. Hezbollah’s leaders were hiding in embassies and bunkers; Israel ’s were not. For all the newfound magnetism of Nasrallah, he brought ruin to his flock, and fright to the Arab establishment around Israel .

A surprised Israel now has a good glimpse of the terrorists’ new way of war, and probably next time will attack the supplier, not the launcher, of the rocketry. And when the Reuters stringers go away, the “civilians” of southern Lebanon, off-camera, might not be so eager to see more real fireworks lighting up their skies — or far-off, pristine Syria and Iran in safety praising the courage of the ruined amid the rubble. Note how Hezbollah already is desperately racing around the craters to assure its homeless constituency that it has enough Iranian cash to buy back lost sympathies.

Even the ceasefire can come back to bite the Islamists and their supporters. Hezbollah won’t be disarmed as promised, much less stay out of Katyusha range of the border. And that defiance will only reveal the impotence of the Lebanese and the U.N., reminding both that they have talked themselves into a corner and now are responsible to keep caged their own pet 7th-century vipers. This can only work to Israel ’s favor when the next rockets go off, since no one then will be proposing an “international” solution — although it will be interesting to see whether Jacques Chirac talks of the “nuclear” option once his soldiers begin to be picked off by Hezbollah.

In a larger sense, the foiled London terrorist plot won’t endear either Islamists or their appeasers to millions in the world who face travel delays, cancelled flights, and body searches — on top of paying billions more to the Arab oil producers who in response whine even more in their victimhood.

As the cliché goes: the Middle East needs to wake up and disown Islamic fascism. Otherwise, insidiously the entire world is turning against it, as radical Islam proves to be every bit as frightening an ideology as German Nazism or Soviet Communism — whether this is ascertained from the use of human shields, tribal lynchings and beheadings, Joseph Goebbels-like propaganda, Holocaust-denial, racist rants, or primordial hatred of Jews.

Three years ago no one was talking about profiling at airports. Now the British are exploring how best to do it. Indeed, one of the stranger developments in recent memory is now taking place the world over: Young, Middle-Eastern, Muslim men are eyed and studied by passengers at every airport — even as governments still lecture about the evils of the very profiling that their own millions are doing daily. Muslims can thank al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and an entire culture that won’t condemn terrorism for such ostracism, which only increases with each suicide bomber, human shield, hijacking, kidnapping, and macabre reference to genocide and Jew-killing.

In an amorphous war of self-induced Western restraint, like the present one, truth and moral clarity are as important as military force. This past month, the world of the fascist jihadist and those who tolerate him was once again on display for civilization to fathom. Even the most timid and prone to appeasement in the West are beginning to see that it is becoming a question of “the Islamists or us.”

In this eleventh hour, that is a sort of progre
ss after all.

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chuck said...

I don't think Victor has this one quite right. Namely, I don't think either Iran or Syria planned on war, rather, Hizballah took hostages for a prisoner exchange. That kind of shoots down the whole argument about it being a distraction from Hariri's assassination and Iran's development of nuclear weapons. I would even posit that the kidnapping was not planned by Syria and Iran, although they may have been aware of it.

I do wish pundits would be more exacting.

terrye said...


If they were exacting they probably would not pundits. I think the mullahs are nervous and they are just in general causing trouble. But mostly I think it was an oppurtunistic move and I doubt if Nasrallah expected Israel to go off on them.

But that kind of brings up the other point: People are getting fed up with terrorism. What they do about that is the question.

lurker said...

I read that Nasrallah made a claim to Saniora that kidnapping Israeli soldiers would give them an edge in getting those Lebanon prisoners released and that this would be all that's happened. Never did they anticipate that the soldier kidnappings was the last resort, after numerous Katyusha rocket firings, bringing a war to them.

I was already tired of this ME tantrum many years ago and was rallying for Israel to win this last war out right because I thought it might bring peace, even an uncomfortable one, to the ME sooner; forcing many Arab countries to recognize Israel.

I was personally disappointed in the UN 1701 resolution because it did not solve many problems and will not. At this point, I'm hoping democracy will help because that's all that's left until...round two war.

Personally, everyone, collectively, is anticipating round two war and worried that round two would become nuclear.

The comments about Europe just realizing the "Islamofascism v. West" bothers me because Europe should've seen it long ago. Those lefties with the BDS syndrome will never see this coming because they believe in appeasement and diplomacy, "Win peace without Wars" (e.g., ANSWER).

Victor's comments about the Hezbollah casualties and damages may lead to further weakening of Hezbollah over time.

Victor's comments about obtaining "intelligence" on Hezbollah is going to prepare Israel and the West for round two. I hope that this will help us prepare for round two because the West has to win round two all the way.

The deployment of UNIFIL forces, especially with the new order of firing against Hezbollah and the securing of the Syria - Lebanon borders, will tell the world the outcome of 1701.