Reason: Hoodwinked by Hezbollah: Turning the stench of defeat into the smell of victory

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Reason: Hoodwinked by Hezbollah: Turning the stench of defeat into the smell of victory: "But what kind of victory is this that, even by Hezbollah's unexacting standards, must qualify as a major setback? In its public appraisals of the conflict, Hezbollah has ignored what Israel did to those parts of Lebanon the party cannot claim as its own. Its cries of triumph have been focused on the stubborn resistance put up by Hezbollah combatants in south Lebanon. Nothing has been heard from party leaders about the billions of dollars of losses in infrastructure; about the immediate losses to businesses that will be translated into higher unemployment; about the long-term opportunity costs of the fighting; about the impact that political instability will have (indeed has already had) on public confidence and on youth emigration; and about the general collapse in morale that Lebanon faces."


David Thomson said...

Israel won the war in Lebanon---but its victory could have been more convincing. The Israeli military gets something like a C-. Frustratingly, the opportunity was there to earn an A+.

This is the central question of the moment: is Hezbollah able to sufficiently rearm? Are these thugs running out of rockets and other military supplies?

gumshoe1 said...

i guess the question is
"what is Israel's capacity to prevent re-supply?".

the "Lebanese goverment"
apprently isn't up to the task.

and the UN observers
must have been paid off.

gumshoe1 said...

...and anyone with a pulse knows
it's not an issue of
"if",but "when".

terrye said...

I read this piece and I tend to agree Hezbellah lost because their little assault on Israel can not be easily reproduced without even more devastating effect on its host country. The Israelis lost no territory, Hezbellah did. I really do not think we should fall into the trap of agreeing with Arabs who claim victory everytime they get in fight.

Syl said...

Get on your skateboards and go read Amir Taheri in Opinion Journal!!!

Hezbollah only won in the Western press.

From his final paragraph:

"Hezbollah won the propaganda war because many in the West wanted it to win as a means of settling score with the United States," says Egyptian columnist Ali al-Ibrahim. "But the Arabs have become wise enough to know TV victory from real victory."

lurker said...

Check Michael Totten's website:

Siniora does not think Hezbollah can wage another war against Israel.

"The Latest from Fouad Seniora

I wanted to make sure you know, since I posted this over at Andrew Sullivan's place, that Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Seniora is now talking about a peace treaty with Israel. See here and here. This is huge, really, even if it's only talk and even if Hezbollah can unilaterally jam up the deal by shooting more rockets. No Lebanese politician would have dared to say such a thing two months ago with a Syrian gun pointed at the right side of his head, a Hezbollah gun pointed at the left side, and the reactionary mentality that prevails in certain Lebanese quarters."

Interesting comments there, too.

Michael Totten writes that Lebanon and Israel are natural allies.

He also says:

"Bad Vilbel is absolutely right. It's treason in Lebanon just to shake an Israeli's hand in a third country. It's treason to wave hello at the border. Saying "let's talk peace" is breaking a huge taboo. This cannot be overstated.

Journalists in Lebanon come up with code so we can discuss Israel in public. You just can't talk about it there unless you are very very careful. You have no idea how suffocating it is.

Those Lebanese who want peace with Israel would only tell me so when no one else was around. It happened a lot, actually, so the taboo is stupid. And after a while, some of us Westerners said f*ck it and went ahead and talked about it in public anyway. Just don't forget how long that country was ruled by the Baath, and that thousands of intelligence agents are still all over the place."

I see one post that said Syria cut off ELECTRICITY to Lebanon.