Ann Althouse on Judge Taylor

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
A Law Unto Herself - New York Times: "If the words of the written opinion reveal that the judge did not follow the discipline of the judicial process, what sense does it make to take the judge’s word about what the law means over the word of the president? If the judge’s own writing does not support a belief that the rule of law has substance and depth, that law is something apart from political will, the significance of saying the president has gone beyond the limits of the law evaporates."


Syl said...

The judge was doing that which she accused the President of.


Ann's piece was well written and even though some of her commenters assumed the contrary, her piece did not give a hint of where she actually stands on the issue of the NSA program.

CF said...

As a graduate of the Univ of Wis and its law school, the only thing I regret about this article is that people will recognize how good Ann is and snatch her away from a school that needs her to stay.

vnjagvet said...

Reading the comments on her blog and Volokh leaves me with an apprectiation of how zeal often triumphs over logic, even among trained lawyers.

terrye said...


Hey they are just people. Despite rumors to the contrary.

brylun said...

cf: You are right about Ann.