The hate continues

Sunday, August 06, 2006
I've decided not to reproduce the latest, and one of the worst, Judeophobic cartoons to appear in the European MSM.

Tiberge has it, this excresence from one of France's putatively leading papers, Le Monde:
The Jew is crushing Christ represented by a cross on a cedar. Such baseness has not been seen for 60 years! The boot...the drop of blood...disgusting!
Tiberge, whose love for France as well as horror at what the country is presently becoming, cannot be doubted, does not give up the fight. And we cannot give up the fight to help those Europeans who want to renew and redeem their civilization. If they lose this fight, North America will become very claustrophobic indeed as the Eurabian nukes are put on display. It is our civilization that the Eurabian scum and many of their soulmates over here are ruining, and we need to prepare for all-out cultural war. Do you do business with the French? Do you have friends there? Demand they witness and repudiate this crap, or let them know you are at war with them and won't give a damn when their women are put in sacks or when, as will shortly be the case, many are looking for refuge. We survived the 1930s once, and we can do it again, if we still have the courage to care about ordinary patriots in places like France. In the meantime, let's start taking down names...


Skookumchuk said...


And we cannot give up the fight to help those Europeans who want to renew and redeem their civilization.

They still remember. They know what needs to be done. Whether they can do these things remains to be seen.

As I keep saying, we know every jot and tittle written by the intelligentsia - but what about Middle England (if such a word can still be used) and the silent middle classes elsewhere? We don't know enough about what they think and how they want this to turn out. Do they want to emigrate? To stay and become followers of the BNP and of Le Pen? To succumb? Or find some other solution?

We need to know much more about what is going on beneath the ice of European Political Correctness.

truepeers said...

You're right Skook. But the inability of a decent politician like deVilliers to go anywhere in the polls suggests that far too many French will vote for Le Monde-type socialists and for Le Pen who, it seems to me, is largely just a more low-brow version of same. Similarly, the BNP just promises more welfare for the *English* people, not a serious cultural reformation. Le Pen is completely ambivalent in his statements about Islam; i think he has some kind of Eurabian vision too, if not the same as Chirac's. These politicians surely know something about their people. Antisemitism and anti-Americanism are, it seems clear to me, widely rooted, not just among pc elites and these are mental diseases that will rot to the very core. To redeem themselves, they need maybe ten percent of the people over there to start talking and supporting a new reality, soon. As for the rest, political sympathies can change over night for most people, once they see that the old ideas are no longer cool and a new word is on the street. I have marginally more hope for the English ( they can read our blogs:)

truepeers said...

Skook, somehow, this comment from a France-Echos blog post discussing the faked Reuters photo tells us something:

"Bonne fin de vacances à tous ! Récupérez des forces, on en aura plus que jamais besoin dès la rentrée ! 2007 DOIT être l'année d'un changement RADICAL !" - "Happy End of vacation to everyone. Recover your forces, they will be needed more than ever after the holidays. 2007 must be the year of a radical change."

Peter UK said...

Iyt has to be understood that the somewhat hysterical epithet Eurabia is totally inapt for the majority of citizens.
A quick look at the demonstrations in London reveals the usual cast of characters,Respect,Socialist Workers Party and extreme Islamist groups.
These demonstrations are NEVER spontaneous,the demonstrators will have been bussed in from mosques and colleges all over the country,they are not representative of the 60 million people who live in Britain.It is reasonable to believe the same situation obtains in mainland Europe,Americans are making the mistake of falling for the same propaganda that ie emanating from the Middle East,what you see is not what you get.

Skookumchuk said...

Peter UK:

In a previous post where we touched on this, you said that Middle England is "voting with its feet" and that emigration is seen by them as the only solution. If emigration is seen as the solution, then the British - and perhaps the western European - geese are cooked.

What could turn it around?

Peter UK said...

A realistion that the sturdy yoemen who are alleged to be demonstrating as in actuallity these people

truepeers said...

It seems to me, what is needed is for the ordinary Britons and European nationals to have their national personhood represented again, in other words a rediscovery of the ideal symmetry between rulers and polity so that the former are the true representative of the aspirations of the particular sort of individuals in the latter, and not guilty Gnostic missionaries trying to play God and redeem the world from its sinful conflicts and rivalries through some all-inclusive multiculturalism.

The British Conservative Party used to have a membership in the millions; it was one of the largest voluntary organizations in history. And now it is just another little clique of Gnostic careerists telling the journalist class what they want to hear: let's remain at the centre of things by taking it on our guilty selves to appease the angry marginals of the world. People need to turn off the news, leave the house, attend a few meetings, and start ending careers.

On another note, I have been looking for confirmation that this cartoon actually did appear in LeMonde. I can't find anyone else talking about it yet. Please let me know if you see anything on this.

truepeers said...

Le Monde did publish this on July 26. See this french blog

Skookumchuk said...


in other words a rediscovery of the ideal symmetry between rulers and polity so that the former are the true representative of the aspirations of the particular sort of individuals in the latter...

I agree. And that means dissolution of the EU.

On the other hand, there is among the Europeans I know a very deep yearning for the enveloping embrace of the state.

A little parable.

I was on a foreign aid job in the Balkans, post-Tito, and for part of the time was driven around by a young Croatian engineer. On one trip, we went through a small village where we stopped for lunch.

We ate outside and I asked about a stop sign on the corner. The conversation went something like this:

"See that stop sign? Who controls where to put the stop sign? Does the village decide?"

No. Perhaps the village may suggest, but the determination is made by the Transport Ministry in Zagreb.

"So the village can't just place a stop sign on a particular corner if it wants to. The village can't just hire a traffic engineer to suggest where to put it?"

No. It must be a technical specialist from the Transport Ministry in Zagreb.


Of course. Otherwise, it would be chaos.

Otherwise, it would be chaos.

That is the difference. A European is somebody who wants the Transport Ministry in Zagreb to tell him where to put the stop sign. The American wants the stop sign location to be hashed out at the next city council meeting. And perhaps in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the village council decided, too.

And that difference is the result of divergent cultural paths taken now over more than two centuries. How you change the path of Europe as a practical matter is beyond my imagining. But ridding themselves of the EU would be a good start.

truepeers said...

Well Skook, my guess is that ridding themselves of the EU is inevitable, sooner or later. But it will probably be less a concerted, carefully-negotiated action than the chaos your friend fears. Empires collapse when they cannot represent fundamental truths in meaningful ways to unify their constituent parts.

People will not cling long to the hypocrisy of the postmodern "unifying' idea that there is no fundamental truth except for the idea that there is no fundamental truth and all those who say otherwise are wrong and our enemies. At least, if they do so cling, they will not be very happy or have much faith in the future and will soon be outbred and rendered a footnote by their more certain rivals. As rivalry heats up in Europe, people will more and more start fighting for their particular traditions for accessing fundamental truths, and it seems highly unlikely that the Euro political scene can separate or isolate itself from these "social" debates. If everyone belonged to the same church or language, then maybe the single Euo political scene could be neatly distinguished from the various local social or religious scenes. But that's not the case. So I expect the Euro political scene will not be able to contain social rivalries and sooner or later it will rupture as people pursue their truths in competing organizations and arenas. But then we may already be seeing this - e.g. the recent national votes against the EU constitution.

In theory, forgetting certain hard realities, Europe might be better off if it could emulate America - especially with regard to immigration - and found a United States of Europe; but I don't see how far it can go down that road without a lot more desire for a common culture bound to common constitutional principles. And it seems impossible to imagine such a new cultural project in this day and age - what new path to fundamental truth is there to unfold and explore?. So unless it turns around and becomes a highly decentralized federation,I don't have much hope for the EU.

Luther McLeod said...
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