Chicago Boyz

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Chicago Boyz: "These seem to me to be key facts. Israel has just committed a large land army. Israel is blocking the exit to Syria. Hezbollah is fighting at least in some places, instead of hiding or running like good guerillas who have read their Mao would know to do. Israel has not stopped attacking even though there was, as expected, a Hez-created photo op of dead civilians, and the usual outcry from the usual suspects. Israel is being supported at least implicitly by the USA and indirectly by Europe and Egypt and Saudi, all of whom are afraid of Hez and would be relieved if it were destroyed and do not seem inclined to do anything serious to stop the Israelis. The Israelis have the momentum, and Hez is forced to respond to their attacks, not vice versa. Most importantly, the Isrealis are currently deeply engaged in whatever it is they are trying to do, so there is a lot of movement of vehicles and aircraft and shooting and smoke and babbling incoherence from people who are in the midst of it, sometimes tragically. This inchoate mass of images conveys nothing coherent."


David Thomson said...

The Israelis are defeating Hezbollah. The terrorist organization has apparently run out of high quality rockets and is now left with those which can be launched off of trucks. In many respects, the Islamic thugs are similar to the proverbial idiot who provokes a fight hoping others will save his rear end if things start to go badly. Hezbollah was not ready for Israel’s unrelenting military response.