Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Ninety-six days until the midterms and Jim VanderHei notices a slight problem at the top of the Democratic Party. The crux of the problem is presented as being a contest of wills between Dean and Emanuel over GOTV efforts. Their solution is to duplicate efforts with different degrees of emphasis and focus. VanderHei characterizes the Republican effort this way:
Republicans are far more united in their approach, building on what both sides said worked well in 2002 and 2004. They are routing all turnout efforts through the Republican National Committee, which had $45 million in the bank -- four times as much as the DNC -- as of June 30.

The RNC runs a strategy known in political circles as the 72-hour program. It focuses on using phone calls, polling data and personal visits to identify would-be GOP voters and their top issues early in the cycle. The information is then fed into a database, allowing party leaders to flood them with pro-Republican messages through e-mail, regular mail and local volunteers. On Election Day, they receive a phone call or a visit to remind them to vote.
VanderHei has done a good job in this piece and we will see his thinking repeated in various iterations on November 8 as the media does its "what went wrong" analysis of why the Democrats did not reach their objective. The piece would have been better had it also included an analysis of the Lamont/Lieberman struggle which Seneca the Younger highlights below. Lieberman is vacuuming up a substantial amount of money in his effort to retain his seat. Alternatively, the nutroots is expending an extraordinary amount of effort to bring an ignominous end to the career of a lifelong Democrat who was deemed worthy to be their Vice-Presidential candidate just eight years ago.

The fact that progressives regard political cannibalism as an appropriate tactic is very indicative of the shallowness of what passes for 'thought' within the movement. They have embraced nihilism to the extent that, unable to destroy the opposition, they have chosen to destroy themselves.

I wish them every success in their endeavor.

UPDATE: The DCCC's hit list is now established. I'll handicap the list soon but comparing it to RightRoots gives an idea of the lack of Dem focus.


David Thomson said...

I still predict that the GOP will retain control of both houses of Congress. Many of the Democratic voters are wishy-washy. Republicans generally take voting far more seriously.