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Monday, August 07, 2006
It seems that not only is Reuters biasing the headlines etc. against our side, they're now doctoring photos to actively create propaganda for our enemies.

Really, I have to say that I cannot comprehend this mentality. I honestly don't think they want their wives to live under the chador. I honestly don't think they want all gay teenagers hung in the nearest public square. I honestly don't think they want to witness the massacre of millions of Jews in Israel. So, what exactly are they thinking? It's one thing to want to be even-handed—misguided, deeply misguided, in wartime—but actively supporting the enemy? What are they thinking?


chuck said...
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chuck said...

Been on vacation? ;)

This is like, two days old already. Sigh, how time flies on the internet.

Skookumchuk said...


So, what exactly are they thinking?

That the US and the Israel they hate are evil but also omnipotent, such that whatever they do to bring them down a notch is good, and that they can do so without any harm to themselves or, probably in many cases, to the US or to Israel, such is their power - no matter how ugly things may become.

But the ugliness may come to them, and to all of us, too.

George Atkisson said...

They are children emotionally, mentally, and morally. Mommy won't give them what they want, so they do and say things that make Mommy look bad to her friends and community. They still expect to hide behind Mommy's skirts and be protected from the consequences of their actions, because that's what Mommy's do.

Syl said...

What? You think everyone who works for Reuters is western?

The problem is that our news media depends on them and takes them at face value.

terrye said...

I think george is right. they are telling the folks they hate them. But it would never occur to them that the folks won't just suck it up and give them spending money anyway. They think it makes them look independent and brave to spit in the eye of the powers that be.

Pastorius said...

From having talked to these people, I think many of them really believe that we are not in a real war. They really believe that Muslims can not hurt us, and to think that they could is racist.

When I bring up the possibility of nuclear weapons being used by Jihadis they look at me like I'm a crazy paranoid.

Thing is, I have a feeling that if nukes are used, this type of person will blame that on Bush too.

lurker said...

Powerline has a few links under its title, "Revolutionary Moment". Carolyn Glick and Eli Lake are pessimistic about this war. Anne Bayefsky (linked) is unhappy with the UN's handling of this ceasefire process.

Claudia Rossett's article touches up on the fact of UN's inability to define "terrorism".

If UN capitulates to the Hezzies, then the world lost to Islamofascism.

Peter UK said...

I would agree with George Atkinson and would add there are two levels here.
The first is the childish mentallity of those who would have liked to give you a smack at school,but never dared,now they have their own "Big Kid" to do it for them.
Secondly,there is no doubt that the left has suffered a real a psychological bereavement caused by the collapse of the Societ Union and the crumbling of the rock of Marxism.They had given up on the proletariate as the storm troopers of the revolution,having to cntent themselves with the Gramscian undermining of the pillars of society and control by political correctness.Suddenly lik a pantomime demon Jihad burst onto the scene,"Our hero thought the left",hearts aflutter with visions of re-education camps and rows of neat cyclists,"We will let the oppressed little brown men bring down the hateful capitalist edifice,they will surely see the pristine logic of our socialist dream and join us in the coming utopia".
If I lived on another planet it would be quite amusing to watch them with beards,burqas and birkestocks all bowing the same way five times a day under the watchful eye of their masters.
Naturally those with names like Chomsky might find the new regime uncongenial,certainly "liberals" everywhere would find the choice between hanging from a crane,being stoned to death,decapitation , mutilation and a liberal lifestyle somewhat irksome at first,but eventually they would come to love it.
In fact it is probably what they always wanted.

lurker said...

Our World: Talkin' about a revolution

"This is the case because none of the moves being considered involve the one action that would prevent the next war. That action is an Israeli victory against Hizbullah in Lebanon, and an Israeli and allied strike against Hizbullah's state sponsors Syria and Iran, which promote Hizbullah's wanton aggression against Israel as a central campaign in their global jihad aimed at annihilating the Jewish state and defeating Western civilization."

Is Olmert backing out?

David Thomson said...

“...but actively supporting the enemy? What are they thinking?”

I seriously doubt that they are consciously “supporting the enemy.” They simply lie to themselves. The pictures offered by a local photographer seem quite good---and therefore it may be best not to ask too many questions. Also, the ugly issue of race comes into play. These professional journalists don’t want to be charged with racism, and on a gut level believe that all nonwhite people are victims of western imperialism.

terrye said...


I think there are too many armchair generals out there.