Sunday, August 06, 2006

More of that fake but accurate style of journalism. War as Art. I wonder if the guy will get a Pulitzer for this?


ex-democrat said...

terrye - this revelation needs to be combined with the Qana incident as many of the pictures from there were taken by the same 'photographer' (better described as a Hizbollah propagandist).
even more pertinent to your 'fake but accurate' reference is this response from Shane Richmond,
Web News Editor of The Daily Telegraph in England: "is the child dead? was the child killed by Israeli bombs? If so, the picture illustrates the story. If the picture does not alter the truth of the story, we're not being disingenuous. And the truth of the story is this: Israeli bombs killed several civilians in Qana, many of whom were children."

terrye said...


Yes, I agree. I am sure people are being killed for real, but I am also sure that Hezbellah uses those deaths for propganda.

CF said...

ex-democrat said...

btw, the significance of the photoshopping is that it altered what was in fact evidence of a precision strike on one hezbollah building, into evidence of widespread carpet bombing of numerous buildings.
(note the plural in the by-line that remains even after the photoshopped version has been removed: )