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Friday, August 11, 2006
The Irish Trojan’s Blog » Blog Archive » The plot: 9 planes, 29 terrorists, 2,700 would-be victims: "This has been a watershed week for me. First the Dems purge one of their most honorable, decent, principled members, in the process demonstrating to me that I no longer belong in their party. Then the liberal blogosphere shows its true colors by responding to manifestly the gravest mass terrorism threat since 9/11 with a mixture of juvenile temper tantrum and raving-lunatic conspiracy theory. The next time I hestitate to say that “many liberals don’t take the war on terrorism seriously” because I want to be P.C. and give ‘em the benefit of the doubt and avoid seeming to question anyone’s patriotism, I’ll look back on this day and remember how the Left reacted when the forces of civilization thwarted an attempt by the forces of evil, Islamonihilist terror to commit an unprecedented crime against humanity in the skies over the Atlantic Ocean."


terrye said...

I know what my brother said to me when I informed him that I thought these people were really dangerous, The right wingers got in your head.

I told him he was full of s***. He is my brother, I can do that. But we rarely speak anymore.

nomdeblog said...

It’s a plot. The threat to elect Lamont, a Michael Moore Democrat, is a plot to scare us utopian Canadians and Europeans into reversing all our disarming that we were encouraged to do by Clinton’s peace dividend talk. Admittedly we also disarmed because we’re all going broke trying to support socialist extremists.

By throwing out the sanity of Joe, you’re trying to tell us that we shouldn’t take for granted that the USA will protect us from the Islamic Fascists and that we’d better rebuild our military and get involved in this mess. It’s a dirty rotten plot. (sarcasm off)

Actually, electing the Land Rover from Greenwich may be a good idea. Before we elected our new PM Stephen Harper, we had dithering idiots in for so long that even utopian Canadians got tired of their wishy washy notions. So try Lamont and see what happens – you don’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.