Is Lebanon going to survive?

Sunday, August 13, 2006
From Pajamas Media :

Yesterday at the Lebanese Council of Ministers’ meeting the following positions were taken:

* Mohammad Fneish (Minister of Energy, and one of two Hezbollah in the cabinet): The position of Hezbollah is NOT TO DISARM in any part of the country until the Shebaa farms are liberated.

*Fneish then challenged both the Government and Lebanese Army to search and destroy Hezbollah’s weapons by force — ‘If you are men!’

* Michel Sleiman (General of Lebanese Army) stated that the Lebanese Army will not deploy one soldier until Hezbollah agrees to the whole political and deployment schedule.

* Sanioura (Prime Minister of Lebanon) called Berri (Hezbollah representative) who assured him that the position regarding unity has not changed. This prompted the “Unanimity with Reservations” scenario.

The cabinet then gave themselves 24 hours. They were hoping that the Israeli Cabinet would oppose UN Resolution 1701. Then they would blame it on the Israelis. But when the Israeli Cabinet agreed they decided to postpone today’s emergency cabinet meeting to avoid further internal clashes.

In sum, as Lebanese we are looking and and suffering under a disgusting match of empty rhetoric bathed in lies and hypocrisies. God Help us for these leaders and politicians.

The media here remains totally and utterly biased. None here gives any opportunity to convey the true feelings and aspirations of our people.

Maybe we should all refrain from making any predictions for awhile. Things seem to be moving quickly.


Peter UK said...

Lebanon has a better chance of surviving without Hizbollah than with.

terrye said...

Tis true.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Why should Lebanon survive?

Peter UK said...

Is that not the dilemma? If there has to be a choice,Israel or Lebanon?

lurker said...

Based on what I just read, Lebanon cannot survive with Hizbollah.

Fniesh's "if you are men" comment sounded like a threat. If Lebanon tries to disarm them, Hizbollah will go after them in addition to wiping out Cedars Revolution people.

Hizbollah fired 250 rockets today. Will they stop at 7 am Monday morning?

No, I don't think so.

Hizbollah, Iran, and Syria are all intent in their goals to redefine ME and expand it to the entire world as the Islam Caliphate.

terrye said...


Is that rhetorical?

lurker said...

Yoni just posted two news flashes:

Syria building a tank formation along Golan Heights.

gumshoe1 said...

"Maybe we should all refrain from making any predictions for awhile. Things seem to be moving quickly."

terrye -

have you,perhaps,taken note
of Wretchard's silence
...since Friday?